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FALL RETREAT! Improving the Health and Frequency of YOU!

This loaded with incredible food, laughter, and educational spring retreat is a MUST to attend!  

Learn for yourself how to evaluate what may be causing issues in the human body, how to reverse those issues and in what order to address them, how to measure electricity in the body using NEW equipment we just purchased, and understand how electricity can be used to heal or harm.  

We will be measuring YOUR bodies electricity, how is changes when you touch the ground, receive massage, meditate, drive in a car, use the phone, do yoga, and MORE!

We will have live consultations you can watch, to see how to decipher and peel back the onion to one’s health. Many do not know where to start when helping others, and this will put YOU in the drivers seat in any situation when someone is asking for help.

This retreat is for our TNC (Therapeutic Nutritional Counselors) and HHP (Holistic Healthcare Practitioner) students, and is also open to the public, as we are ALL students of health!  

Of course we will also have quests speakers! Hope will present because I simply can’t do a retreat without her (we are best buddies and she is an awesome presenter!), Angela (RN) and will be presenting about how to use stones and oils, Nancy Wolf will teach grounding meditation and cranial work (with tips you can do at home), and Carrie (RN) will totally change how you look (and feel) pain forever! PAIN BE GONE! And…it will be!  

Plus, I have two more special guest stars in the works….Come for the food, stay for the EVERYTHING ELSE! 

BONUS! We will also present - Their Body Your Business– which will cover starting your own health/consultation/wellness center or business, product sales, why you may want a Private Membership Association, advertising, creating an office space, do’s and don’ts in business, and other business tips. 

Enjoy daily Yoga, golden milk, smoothies, out of this world foods, hiking Kolob, developing friendships with those who loves health as much as you, and three days packed with education you can USE!

I hope to see you there! - Or should I say HERE!