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FALL RETREAT! Improving the Health and Frequency of YOU!

This loaded with incredible food, laughter, and educational retreat is a MUST to attend!  

Enjoy learning from Dr. Essen and Karen Urbanek how to evaluate what may be causing issues in the human body, how to address those issues and in what order to work on them, and how to muscle test and douse to find answers! - Three days to help YOU take change of your body.

Hope Zvara will lead our yoga each day giving you insight into not only your own body and how fascia aids in healing all illness, but has created an amazing presentation. She will present this incredibly eye opening presentation titled TEAM, which will truly change how you interact with others for life..

We will be measuring the bodies electricity, and how is changes when you touch the ground, receive massage, meditate, drive in a car, use the phone, do yoga, and more.

This retreat is for our TNC (Therapeutic Nutritional Counselors) and HHP (Holistic Healthcare Practitioner) students, and is also open to the public, as we are ALL students of health!  

Nancy Wolf will teach grounding meditation and cranial work (with tips you can do at home) and other Doctors now part of the Human Body Master Course can;t wait to teach too!

Enjoy daily Yoga, golden milk, smoothies, out of this world foods, hiking , developing friendships with those who love health as much as you, and three days packed with education you can USE!

We all hope to see you there!



FALL Retreat! Improving the Health and Frequency of YOU!
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