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Tips and Tools- Your Interactive Natural Health Hands-on Workshop!

  • corporate alliance 1487 South Silicon Way St. George, UT, 84770 United States (map)

Join Karen Urbanek HHP., TNC., Dr. Essen NP., and the great Hope Zavara for one incredible day!

TIPS AND TOOLS! Your Hands-on Interactive Natural Health Workshop!

9 AM Welcome Karen Urbanek and Dr. Jeff Essen

- Karen’s Morning Exercise: Body Tapping , Yoga - Sun Salutations, Vortex Spin, Thoracic Extension

-Unclog Lymph Nodes Quickly

-Foot Reflexology & Foot Balls

-Hand Reflexology / Face Reading / Tongue Reading / Iridology

-Color Therapy & Eyewear


11:15 AM Karen Urbanek and Dr. Jeff Essen

-Emotional Freedom Technique In General and for Addiction

-Making Tinctures & Salves

-CoCo Allergy test

-Test with Ph Strips & do Candida Test

LUNCH 12:00-12:45 PM

1-1:45 PM Hope Zara

-Pelvic Floor Activation

-Road to Posture Evaluation

-Eliminate Sciatica Pain

-Eliminate Plantar Fasciitis and Creating Happy Feet!

-Monitoring Your Gate

-Align the Spine Fast


2 PM Karen Urbanek and Dr. Jeff Essen

-Fast Snacks -Easy SuperFood Cookies, Nut Milks, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Green Life Blast

-VIT D Talk & Mushrooms

-Lower Your Body Temperature in Seconds

-Starving Cancer

-Trigger Point Massage Therapy

3 PM Angela Saxton

-Tuning into Self

-Becoming one with the Rock and what they do 4U!

-How to soothe the overactive mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and calm the nerves

-Tips for what you can use to help overcome  grief, anxiety, anger or fear

-Understanding how the shifting of the Galaxy and our Universe can affect us

3:45 BREAK

4 PM Karen Urbanek and Dr. Jeff Essen

-Eliminate TMJ

--Chapman Reflex Points

-Neral Testing

-What to do if you’re not testable.

-ReWrite the MIND!

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