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Tips and Tools- Your Interactive Natural Health Hands-on Workshop!

  • corporate alliance 1487 South Silicon Way St. George, UT, 84770 United States (map)

Join Karen Urbanek HHP., TNC., Dr. Essen NP., and the great Hope Zavara for one incredible day!

TIPS AND TOOLS! Your Hands-on Interactive Natural Health Workshop!

Learn Hands On:

·     How to Read Your Tongue for Nutritional Deficiencies

·     Implement Thoracic Extension

·     Use Magnets for Powerful QuickHealing

·     EliminateTMJ

·     Posture Evaluation

·     Vortex Spinning & Body Tapping

·     Trigger Point Massage

·     Addiction Elimination Technique

·     ColorTherapy

·     Simple Foodie Techniques (nut butters,milks)

·     Rewrite Mind Setting

·     Lower Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Levels

·     Test Yourself and Others for Food Sensitivities

·     Combat Fatigue in Seconds & Raise Serotonin

·     Make Tinctures and Salves

·     Stop a Cough Attack & Monitor Your pH

·     Unlock Clogged Lymph Nodes to Cleanse the Body

·     Align Your Spine FAST!

·     Naturally Create Vitamin D

·      Acupressure, Foot Reflexology & Basic Iridology

·      Face Reading & Lower Body Temperature

·      Starve Cancer & SO MUCH MORE!

Discover Many Other Tools Oriental and Medical Physicians Use Daily!

All for ONLY $199! Act FAST and receive $50 off! $149!! Register by calling 262-339-4024 or Click Below!

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