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Karen’s Healthy Alacarte Day at Hopes! - Wisconsin

  • Copper Tree Yoga and Wellness Center 1364 East Sumner Street Hartford, WI, 53027 United States (map)

10am,  Mastering the Human Body with Superfoods!  Discover which superfoods can help you build a healthy body, add muscle mass, and make bones of steel! No Osteoporosis here! Get your build on by learning how every calorie you eat or drink has an effect on your cells. Each protein is broken down into amino acids, each sugar turns into simple sugars, and each fat into fatty acids. Every food coloring and additive, each excitotoxin, each biocide creates a reaction at the cell level, and each preservative is stepping in the way of YOUR enzymatic health! Bring your phone -  This is one awesome powerpoint to snap pic’s of!

11am,  Internal Cell Cleaning!  It’s a new year and that means cleaning and detoxing your body!  Learn how to clean the body at the cellular level.  Having owned two health and wellness centers and health food stores, Karen knows what cleanses are being sold. Learn in what order the body organs should be cleansed, what cleanses work and which ones cause harm, and shake off the extra pounds!  Gain an understanding of simple food combining, rid the body of extra sugar which demands insulin, and guess what!? Certain foods feed cancer! Cleanse, rebuild and feel great!

12pm,  Discover & Eliminate Your Allergies  Join Karen as she teaches how to test your body for allergies, and then how to eliminate them naturally!  Allergies to peanuts, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, animals; she will share tips on them all! One method she recommends has a 100% success rate!  Many people suffer from histamine reactions, which appear to be allergies but are not allergies, thus they never end! Come learn the difference between histamine reactions and allergies, food sensitivities and food allergies, and how to treat them naturally. No gimmicks, no products for sale, she’s just helping put YOU in charge of YOUR cell health!

1pm,  What you NEED to Know About Restoring and Balancing Hormones and Neurotransmitters  In a world spinning with hormonal imbalances, this information is vital to your health!  Discover the difference between Hormones and Neurotransmitters, what stops them from functioning, what causes imbalances, and tips to restore your nervous and endocrine system health! Learn how hormone and neurotransmitter inhibitors work, where you find them, how they cause catastrophic damage, and what you can do about it! Can’t sleep? Too cold? Gaining weight? No libido? This class is for YOU!

2pm, Taking the FEAR out of Cancer: LIVING CANCER FREE  All of our lives have been touched by cancer.  Whether we currently have cancer, have had it, or have lost loved ones to it, cancer is a scary and misunderstood issue.   Gaining an understanding of this epidemic will help anyone prepare their cells naturally.  At the cellular level you can detect cancer, reverse most cancer, and ultimately live cancer free.   Learn what feeds cancer, what kills it, and what prevents cancer from growing inside of your amazing body! Karen has seen amazing results working with many people who have had cancer.  It’s what you know that takes the fear and anger out of cancer.