Karen was educational, energetic as well as very descriptive of the bodily functionality. She crosses the “T” in health when facilitating a health seminar. I would definitely like seeing her again.” Mike Theiler

 “The wellness seminar given by Karen of Nature's Garden Health and Wellness Center was a home run!  Karen sparked the interest of many friends and colleagues, and people were still talking about it the next day.  That is unheard of after any other "typical" wellness seminar about lowering blood pressure or heart disease risk, etc.  Karen's passion for health and life shows through in the "Living With Energy" seminar and is very motivational.  The information presented and the way Karen presents it can truly change lives.” - Paul Saler

  “Karen’s visit to our organization was eye opening for many in our organization. Her energetic presentation and enthusiasm really struck a nerve with our employees. I believe she was a catalyst for change in how people view their own health going forward.” Mike Kartz:

 The customers love her energy. They love how real she is. They love her thorough knowledge of the body, and especially how she simplifies to make health understandable. People are totally enthralled in listening to her because of the way she presents. They love the one-on-one feeling she gives people that you’re important. She will spend time talking with people afterwards. You can really tell Karen loves what she does, it really shows, it really shines. During the class she makes people feel comfortable. After the class you just feel like she is your friend. I think that’s why people come back, because they are excited to come see their friend. – Julie Redmond Farms Orem, Utah

 “Rock Solid” information.  You can tell the truth of everything you taught – Jerry – Miwaukee, WI

 I counted all the major subjects you spoke on.  There were 18 major subjects and I didn’t even count the minor ones!  My wife and I loved the Living with Energy Class! – Allen

 I absolutely loved Karen and feel like her presentation to our college class changed my outlook on what I've been eating.  Karen really helped to persuade me how bad eating junk really is for your body.  I'm working on changing my eating habits to incorporate more "living" foods and have been successful so far during the first half of the day. Karen’s energy itself was enough to convince me that I needed to try her diet!   Amanda A....

 Karen really knows her stuff. She makes eating and living healthy FUN. If you arrive at one of her classes lacking energy and excitement, I can guarantee that you will NOT leave that way.   Tricia - Slinger, WI

 I feel very confident in asking Karen anything. I feel confident in her ability to recommend lifestyle changes, herbs, holistic remedies and self help tricks! I have attended her classes and they are very fun, informative, and she gets the crowd motivated. Her classes are very interactive!     Jeanne - West Bend, WI

It changed my whole way of thinking about food!    Chris - Slinger, WI

When I came to one of your classes a couple months ago you and your people told me to try hot raspberry tea for fertility. After 2 years of trying, I got the shock of my life on Monday when I started feeling ill and got a positive reading on my pregnancy test!? Love you guys! ~Jessi T                                                

I think the classes and seminars Karen puts on are great for changing your lifestyle! Each and every class is filled with a health of information, not just a wealth of information. You cannot leave a class and NOT want to change your lifestyle!    Cheri – Theresa, WI

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how informative and educational I found all of the classes. I especially like how you can multi-task during your presentation...make the food, explain, be adorable and answer questions all at the same time. You were fantastic. Thanks!     Kay - West Bend, WI

I have attended several of Karen's delightful classes. I always go with high expectations of learning a lot about the given subject be it grilling, preparing soups and stews, or harvesting seeds for the coming season. I come away with lots of knowledge from her years of research, commitment and dedication to living a healthier, self sustaining lifestyle.    Deborah B - West Bend, WI

I have to say not only are your classes fun, educational and so beneficial to our health ...you are a wealth of knowledge.  Thanks you so much for what you are doing....It truly is making a difference.... - Jillian, WI

Very Informative!  Learned a lot and am looking forward to applying what I learned - Michelle

Your classes are the BEST! ALL MUST ATTEND! - Shelia, WI

 Karen has turned our families’ life around. It changed our perception about the food we put into our bodies and the benefits of eating raw & organic food. It also gave us a healthier, more energetic life style that has greatly greatly helped us with our fight with cancer. On top of everything else they have an amazing staff that is upbeat and eager to help you with any and all of your needs.  Thank you!!! "  - The Foerster Family

 Karen has provided us with a healthier, happier, and more active life.  It has given us the ability to make choices that make our lives more beneficial.  I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.  I started using the raw foods and a tincture for aiding the prostate function.  I was diagnosed at 7 and in 3 months I am now at 2.  I have more energy and no need for medications to shrink my prostate. My wife had a lower back SI Joint (Sacroiliac Joint Pain) problem and sense she started eating a raw food diet the pain has eased.  The classes we have attended have given us the knowledge to manage and live a healthier life. ~ Roger & Chris - WI

  “Loved - Loved - Loved the class. Not only empowered but on rocket fuel! Found answers not only for myself & others in healing, but more importantly found my mission & purpose. Thank yoU!” - Janelle

  “Karen is just like the “SUN” - she is a great detoxifier! She cuts through the ways of the world and shows you how to live a life that is vibrant, energizing & deliberate. Karen and her family are such great role models. They ‘walk’ the ‘talk’ and lead by example. Thank you for coming to Wisconsin!” - Lisa

  “I was so excited for weeks before EMPOWERED- it was everything and more than what I had expected! The energy in the room was amazing… the whole two days! Thank you!” - Janet

 “Because Karen’s Energy has moved toward their “Great Journey,” anytime I can see them now I LOVE to be around the positive energy. This seminar has again helped me to renew my vow to myself to eat and live without fear, sickness & disease. I can’t even thank you all enough for the wonderful love and information that you’ve empowered me with. You are all so special to me.” - Penny

 “Stunning! Thank you. Bless you. You move forward with generosity - uncommon. I learned tons, got stretched in some areas. I feel empowered to take action. Wisdom is applied knowledge - gotta DO it! I am suggesting friends to attend the next gathering. Grateful. Truly. YEAH!” – Elizabeth

 This is a absolute blowout!!! I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time.  Karen is just amazing.  Her dedication is second to none. Charles Scheer

The Empowered weekend is truly life and health transforming. I feel inspired to use the tools Karen so eloquently and entertainingly shared not only to improve my own health, but to share them with many others so they can do the same.   Dave Douglass

WOW! I love this time with Karen’s Energy class.  Human body’s function looks so easy to understand.  I will love to have all this information in Spanish to teach and bring this knowledge to the Hispanic community.  I want to continue studying with you. You are great Karen. May God bless you.  Patricia Espinoza

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, coming to Karen’s workshops!  Karen has taken the subject of how the body works and made it fun and entertaining.  Can’t wait for the TNC class.  Thank you Karen for getting me excited for a future in health!  Nicole Las Vegas

This weekend was amazing.  Karen is inspiring, empowering, lovely and fun.  I’m grateful to have so much new information so I can continue on my holistic adventure.  JoAnn Barney

This workshop has been very enlightening.  I have gotten so much useful information that I can use immediately.  I know of someone who I’m going to send information to help him start battling his lung cancer to prevent surgery.  Wendy Jaroslawski

I will never miss a presentation by Karen.  Her knowledge, ability to explain easily and quickly, as well as her energy are infectious and addictive as well.  One class makes you want more.  Much more.  One free class = signed up for Empowered = signed up for TNC.  Mary Dillon

Thank you so very much for a amazing weekend.  Lot’s of fun.  Very Informative and I loved every minute of it.  I enjoyed how many various topics are discussed.  Very well rounded! Thank you again - appreciate your time (both you and Dena) and the “energy” it takes to do this for us! Much love and gratitude,  Teresa Fernandez

Thank you “High Energy” Karen.  You’re so informed and love to share.  I got so much from your workshop this weekend.  You’re a great teacher.  I’m also grateful that the products you mentioned are on your website at a reasonable price.

Thank you Karen!  As always, a presentation that helps us understand our body better.  Lots of great information!  It seems as if there is nothing you don’t know.  Thank you also for your generosity and integrity. You make it safe to venture out and try new things, because we know you only share things you have researched and found safe with us!  Genevieve

I learned so many things in such a short time.  I’m happy my husband came and heard what Karen said; no arguments with her. Smiles. no meat, processed food, ham, cheese, milk, ICE CREAM wow!  I came to USA some years ago from Germany and I’m still learning how things are here in USA, scary.   But it is good to be informed to make right decisions.  Thank you so much Dena and Karen.  Nelly

This weekend experience was wonderful“eye opener” on how to communicate with our bodies and know more about how the industry works.  I’m glad Karen’s looking out for our wellbeing.

 Wasn’t sure what to expect..... Eye opening and inspirational.  If it is to be, it’s up to me!! Karen Gray

Loved Karen’s Empowered weekend.  Full of good information.  Useful for everyone.  Well presented.  Easy to understand.  Lura Barua

The Empowered class is totally amazing.  I learned a tremendous amount.  Karen is an excellent speaker and the most knowledgeable person I have ever met.  She is “energizing”!  Thank you!  Joy Thompson

What an amazing 2 days!  Karen you have changed my life, the health of my home and my knowledge of how to get healthy and remain healthy.  I hope to pass all of this to those I love. 
Sharon Lopez

Karen is an amazing communicator.  She makes difficult things seem easy and clear.  It’s easy to absorb the information and have it “stick”!  Fun engaging and so much logical knowledge.  So much real truth!!!!  Debbie Hawkins

I had a great experience with Becoming Empowered.  It was very enlightening and informative.  I’m now empowered to make so major changes in my diet and my environment.  Can’t wait to get started!  Gaye Amussen

This was a great experience.  So much information in a couple of days.  Karen makes the presentation fun along with being so informative.  It definitely makes me want to share this information with family and friends.  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their life! Jolene Jensen

I’m excited!! I’ve been waiting all my life for the opportunity to learn all this stuff I have learned in the last 2 days!  I will be taking the TNC program so that I can help others.  It’s my main goal in life.  Thank you,  Jonita Taggart

I have learned more in the last 2 ays about taking care of my health than I have in the last 5 years going to my doctor.  What an eye opener! I signed up for TNC and can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned.  Ann Woodward

I came to the Karen’s retreat with a slew of questions about my own health and that of my friends. I knew I could get one on one attention with the experts there, and that they could explain the body: why it reacts the way it does, and how I can have the body that I know is possible.  From attending Karen’s weekly classes at Karen’s Holistic Health, I was convinced that the “natural” route was right for me and this retreat gave me the opportunity to just START doing it. I got in the mindset, I set attainable goals, and then I just went and did it- I have seen my life shift and I feel so much better about everything. I know that my life has changed. I am on a road of quality. ~Emily

I wanted to let you know I took one of the skin brushing classes a few weeks ago when you offered it.  I can say I feel so much better-in fact I have notably reduced the signs of those tiny veins that show up around the back/side of my knees-I'm getting my younger looking legs back!  I'm so very excited on this--the only treatment out there I though was laser treatment in which I was against, not only for the cost, but to the effects of what lasers have on your system. Keep up the great work!  Thank you!

 The class was amazing. Karen gave so much vital information I feel like this is just what I needed to direct me in the right direction. I have been doing many healthy things for myself and my family. Karen helped me figure out the correct way to do it the healthy way.  – Corie from Madison, WI


These are only a few of literally countless more! But just how long did you want this page?  Have a glorious day in that AMAZING body of yours!