Ultimate Balance Bath System

Ultimate Balance Bath System


Ultimate Balance Therapeutic Mineral Bath System

35.5 oz. Liquid Mineral, 2.2 lbs. Electrolyte Powder.


The Ultimate Hot Mineral Bath awaits your discovery.  No other natural therapy has ever held or maintained the status of the natural hot water mineral bath.  Mineral baths transform sickness into health. heal body and soul, and restores balance into life.  Prepare Yourself to receive Nature's most powerful healing gift.  Reduce Pain through balance.  Achieve a deep, cellular purification facilitated through your body's largest cleansing organ, your skin.  Contains large quantities and high concentrations of full spectrum, ionic minerals, and trace elements.  Guaranteed! The most powerful mineral bath experience ever, or your money back!

Millennia minerals                                                                                          PO BOX 652                                                                                               Hyde Park, UT 84318


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What To Expect:      Results vary by individual.  Others have experienced a significant healthy pH shift, even in their very first soak.  Weight loss of up to a pound a day early on, followed by steady improvement after.  The formulation inventor lost over 40 lbs.  Circulation enhancement and healthy blood oxygen are noticeable to many.  Health benefits spanning the full gamut have been reported.  Most significant results are immune boost, energy and metabolism jump, vitality, and overall health.

Liquid, Part One:       35.5 oz. Super-concentrated, full spectrum sea minerals and trace elements (84 total, see website) from Utah's Great Salt Lake, colloidal silver, zinc, copper, and enhanced with Enerjectech wave - a licensed technological injection of energy wave frequency from the Replenished Earth Foundation.

Powder, Part Two:     2.2 lbs. Natural pH and electrolyte therapy minerals.  These powdered minerals add natural major electrolytes, presented in a way to help shift pH higher, thus increasing cellular oxygen.  The discovery of the nature and use of electrolytes is considered the most important medical discovery of the last one hundred years.  The discovery of the value of full-spectrum minerals with the major electrolytes in this bath awaits you.

Instructions:             Packaged for two baths, use 1/2 of liquid and 1/2 of powder for a regular sized tub.  Maximum benefit is obtained with extended soaks (up to two hours or the European Protocol of 15 min. in, 15 out).  Beginning your soak in a less than full tub allows additional hot water to be added to maintain temperature. Frequently scrub skin with a washcloth and/or bath brush to open skin pores and enhance the exchange of ions and the cleansing effect.