August 25th 10:00 AM - 3:30 pm- THE ULTIMATE SELF-ED CLASS!

August 25th 10:00 AM - 3:30 pm- THE ULTIMATE SELF-ED CLASS!

59.96 150.00

Become SELF EDUCATED for the ULTIMATE life when you join Karen for her all NEW 7 HR COURSE FIT INTO 4 HOURS! (or more, depending on how fast she REALLY can talk!)

In these jam packed hours you can learn techniques used to naturally combat and even reverse allergies (YES! TECHNIQUES FOR DETECTING AND NATURALLY ELIMINATING ALLERGIES ARE KNOWN), restore and balance healthy gut microbes (WE LOVE YOUR GUT), fight autoimmunity throughout the body, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure (even eliminating diabetes), negate shinglesand even restore virility and fertility! ARE YOU KIDDING?! Nope - we are not!  We are just super excited to share with you how you can take back control of YOUR AMAZING HUMAN BODY! (of course it is all good information for your animals too.....but horses are too big for the classroom...)

Register SOON as class size is limited!

Held at the Superlife Educational Center 2941 E 2070 S New Harmony, Utah

Bring a food item you want to test yourself on to see if your body has a reaction. You will learn how to test any food item using your pulse! AMAZING!

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