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Hello TNC’s!!! 

We hope your summer has been fabulous and that what you’ve been learning in your recent studies has been blowing your mind! Don’t forget to hop on the TNC Facebook page to check out updates and hear when the weekly study groups and online webinar times will be at.  Let’s study together!

We have some exciting news for you...

Since the dawn of the TNC program, I have been talking about an A-Z guide that consolidates the recommended protocol for multiple disciplines of healing into one place, arranged by ailment….

Who likes paying $100+ each time they want to hear another opinion in the professional health world? We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars taking Lilly to dozens and dozens of health professionals, from medical doctors to children psychologists, and each time, it’s another bill to hear just ONE more opinion. 

So I set out to make this guide as a tool for TNC’s, moms, dads, health professionals, and for all of our clients that would gather multiple opinions into one place.  Originally it was just a book, and we put $10,000 of research into compiling it. 

And then the project sat…for years… and I kept wondering, why are the stars not aligning to publish this book?

But it’s all clear now! Thanks to modern technology, we can have this resource online and include “how to” videos, short and solution-oriented interviews with tons of different practitioners, and provide far more resources than we could have ever included in a book! 

All I keep thinking as I put this together is, I am just so grateful my children and my grandchildren will have access to all of this information….. they can know WHAT to do and WHEN, in almost any situation. They don’t have to feel confused, left in the dark, or despair as they address their children’s health needs or their own.

Honestly even knowing all that I know, I still find myself having huge “A-Ha” moments over some of the things we have heard from practitioners and doctors as we interview them for the course.  Solutions I did not know existed! 

We are very pleased to announce the launching of the Human Body Master Course.  


You can sell this program to your clients for a commission, and use it in your practice and in your home.

We GUARANTEE you will find this an extremely useful tool both in practice as you meet with clients (to help find them solutions that neither of you have thought of yet!) and for your own family…

The program covers:

  1. Part One: Healthy mentalities & Foundational Principles

  2. Part Two: Educational videos (10-30 minutes a piece) on each system of the body taught by Dr. Essen, Hope Zvara and I

  3. Part Three: The A-Z guide!! (By far the largest section of the program)

  4. Part Four: Nutrition Videos (released summer of 2020)

(I attached the A-Z guide so you can look through it.)

What do I mean by consolidating health information into one place?

Under each health concern, you will find the recommended dietary adjustments, essential oils, herbs, self-affirmations, at-home remedies, and potentially the most valuable—different forms of therapy that can help get rid of the root issue!

For example…. Did you know that a certain type of mouthguard worn while sleeping can help eliminate bed wetting?? And ADD/ADHD in children? (And snoring, anxiety, tinnitus, digestive disorders, and the list goes on…)


It secretes poisonous frog venom that puts you into hypnosis while you sleep…. JUST KIDDING! (Amy wrote that in there)

As Dr. Michael Bennett explains, when a person’s jaw is underdeveloped or undergrown, there isn’t enough room for the tongue to fit properly when the person sleeps. The tongue ends up collapsing back and closing off the airway, which causes constant sleep disruption and prevents the person from ever entering REM sleep. He suggests that 60% of all diagnosed cases of childhood ADD/ADHD are actually a misdiagnosis of chronic exhaustion because the kid can’t get any TRUE rest!

Their clients come in, get examined and do a sleep test, and then get a mouthguard or retainer (depends how old you are and what kind of treatment you need) that will finish developing the jaw and make space for the tongue. It clears up their issues within months! 

How cool is that?! 

(If you are like us and curious why someone’s jaw might be underdeveloped, one contributing factor is that our diets have shifted to soft foods (applesauce, pasta noodles, bread, etc) instead of hard foods like they were in the past. The lack of chewing on hard things in childhood results in underdevelopment of the jaw…. So keep your kids crunching on their carrots! It’s great for bone and muscle tissue stimulation!)

 You can find cool solutions like this and many more inside the program.


 The program price will be $1297.  It has been on pre-sale to our beta testers for $499-799.  

We are offering it to our TNC’s before we officially launch the program for $350!

You can have access to the program as early as August 5th but be aware that we are still uploading new videos and content every day (and probably will be for the rest of time—we keep meeting amazing people to interview and pick their brain!)

If you want to lock it in at $350 please register ASAP.**

We love seeing what our TNC’s are doing with the knowledge they obtain and their certifications, and we want to support you in any way we can.  This discounted price is one way we want to show our love and support.

Please email me back or email/text/call my daughter Amy with any questions you may have. She’s had a ball with me going around to interview the participants and working on the team of employees that have been working full time to get this course online.  

*ALSO* If you are willing to contribute pieces of what you know to the course, we would LOVE to come and interview YOU! We have already included a handful of TNC’s in the course and want to include many more! Please text Amy to get the official “invite” email that contains more information… Her number is 801-602-8816. 

Thank you for all you do TNC’s, and we hope you find this course as big of a blessing as it’s been to us already!

Let us know if you have ANY questions!!


Karen Urbanek


 Join Karen and over a dozen Doctors and Professionals as they help you understand the complex yet simple human body. From inside out, and from top to bottom, you will grasp the systems, dis-eases, and ways to reverse illness that are literally at your fingertips!

No one wants to feel helpless or not know what to do when they or their child gets sick. 

Becoming your own Master of the Body (MB) is the best way to put you back in charge of your health.   We've compiled the most classic treatments that date back centuries, to some of the newest breakthroughs in medical and natural sciences. We want you feeling empowered to conquer sickness at home... whether that be physical or emotional! 

A lot of people are interested in better understanding the human body and using a more natural approach to overcoming illness and want to live with energy at home. However, many just don't have any idea where to start! 

We are offering a solution. 

Using natural methods to overcome illness dates back 5,000 years and has been progressing ever since.  Have you ever wanted to understand the science behind those old folk remedies?  Or do you simply want a list of options that tells you what to do for specific illness and symptoms?

How did early humans diagnose and treat illness? How can we use modern technology and discoveries to better understand and treat our bodies today? 

No matter if you are a science-lover or wanting simple, straightforward solutions, this course will help you understand the following:


Knowing the WHY and HOW of ailments and disease is key to understanding YOU! Using visuals and video we cover each system of the body, how it works, what illness and diseases are associated with each system, and both medical and natural approaches to use for each ailment or disease.  This is a FUN way to learn about the human body! A great resource for any type of schooling as well.

Systems Covered:

Cellular system, Circulatory system, Digestive system, Endocrine system, Integumentary system/ Exocrine system,  Immune system, Lymphatic system, Meridian system, Muscular system, Nervous system, Renal /Urinary//Excretory system,  Reproductive system, Respiratory system, and Skeletal system


We are busy making how-to videos for home remedies, as well as informative/instruction videos on many ailments.  These videos will detail the cause of individual issues, as well as natural approaches and remedies. Some videos are shot with a doctors panel, others individually.


For years Karen has been compiling her new book: Karen’s A-Z Guide for Natural Healing. This book is the foundation of this course. You can access direct, easy-to-understand and implement remedies, for over 200 issues instantly from your phone, computer, or hard drive!


Living life is one thing, LOVING living your life is another!  We have videos featuring many doctors and professionals speaking on living and loving life, raising happy healthy children, overcoming trials, aging and longevity, weight loss, depression, neurology, helping children with their emotions, and even tuning up the body with overtones!

Having answers for what to do when someone is ill will be at your fingertips soon! 

Please share this fantastic offer with your friends who are parents, and to anyone interested in how to take care of their own health! Helping our world become disease-free will happen one person and one family at a time! 

Program Release date: September 2nd 2019

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