If you are searching for that ONE BOOK that explains how cells function, how organs glands and tissues work, how vitamins, minerals and foods "feed" cells, how to cleanse, detoxify and rebuild your body, how to eliminate dis-ease, and chapters on sex, frequencies, EMF’s, natural health tips, toxins in the house and so much more, THIS IS THE ONE BOOK YOU NEED!

Live With OUTRAGEOUS Energy! Thrive Without Fear, Sickness & Disease is packed with highly researched, educational material that will inspire anyone of any age to restore health and vitality! 

LIVE! (the book's abbreviation) is a must-read loaded with charts, graphs, pictures, illustrations, and a lot of humor and stories giving the reader a desire to keep turning the page. Sickness and disease will become things of the past as you take the steps outlined in this book to restore cell integrity.