SUPERLIFE Stay's & TNC Retreats With Karen!

SUPERLIFE Stay's & TNC Retreats With Karen!

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April 30 - May 4  2018  - WEIGHT LOSS, EXERCISE TECHNIQUES, AND BODY BUILDING.  Learn tips to helping your clients lose weight and keep it off, as well as proper exercises for strengthening the core, back and specific muscle groups.  Bodybuilding for women and men and how to use proteins will also be covered! This event is all about understanding the body and how to keep it fit, trim and feeling young! (Enrolled or Graduated TNC's only.) Hope from Coppertree Yoga and Wellness Center will be joining us! 

June 4-8 2018 SUPERLIFE RETREAT!  Join people from around the country for a week you won't forget!  See below for description! Bring a spouse or friend for only 1,000!

October 15 - 19 2018 - YOUR BODY'S ENERGY: Balancing the Endocrine, Nervous, immune and Operational systems!  Learn how to help your clients and yourself maintain great Hormonal and Neurotransmitter balance, and treat/eliminate allergies and autoimmune reactions!  Most thyroid disorders are autoimmune issues, and everything from sleep cycles to sexuality rely on balanced glands, and this week will cover it all! (Enrolled or Graduated TNC's only.) Hope from Coppertree Yoga and Wellness Center will be joining us! 


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LIVE The SUPERLIFE with Me and Our Family!!

LIVE the SUPERLIFE with Me and our Family!!

After years of asking, the opportunity to live with us has finally arrived!

Come get immersed in a week of intense food and food training, daily morning routines, detoxification methods, learning how to filter your home from WI-FI and transients, have consultations, food and allergy testing, go hiking in the Kolob Canyons, enjoy massage and other healing therapies, and so much more!

Enjoy five nights at the beautiful Superlife Ranch Bed and Breakfast located right on our property, and enjoy ranch life complete with horses, turkeys, and chickens.  With mountains surrounding our beautiful log cabin, two fires roaring inside, and a barn full of twinkly lights for our weekend barn dances, there’s truly no place quite like it, and the education you will receive is bar none!



  • Five Nights at the Superlife Bed and Breakfast
  • Three Meals and 2 snacks a Day
  • Daily Classes led by Karen on food prep, kitchen organization, menu planning, detoxification, water and nutrients found in food 
  • Shopping trips with Karen to local grocery stores where you will learn to read food labels and know which foods are better than others (and why!) 
  • Hiking in Kolob Canyons and Kannaraville Falls
  • Hands On Education About Filtering for WI-FI and Transients Inside Your Home 
  • Full BODY, FOOD, and ALLERGY Testing
  • Ionic Foot Detox 
  • 2 Sessions of Vitamin D Therapy (in fall months) 
  • 1 Full Hour-Long Consultation with Karen Before or After Retreat
  • 1 Specialty Massage
  • Morning Routine Education on: Drinking Water, meditation, yoga, body tapping, stretching, Nia Movement Technique and more.
  • Free Time to explore the great mountains that surround the SuperLife Ranch


  • Help with Barn Chores! (No seriously, our guests LOVE this!)
  • Brush the Horses 
  • Feed the Chickens and Collect the Eggs!
  • Evening fires
  • Volleybal;l
  • Horseshoes


The cost for a SuperLife Stay EXPERIENCE with Karen & the SuperFood is $2,500. 
Bring one friend or a spouse for only $1,000!  

Register today!  

Interested in a family or group retreat for 4-6 people? 
The SuperLife Stay is an awesome place to take your Team (or loved ones) for health, 
wellness and so good, old fashion bonding.

Email for a special quote.