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Enjoy discovering in an easy to understand entertaining format how cells function, how organs glands and tissues work, how different vitamins, minerals and foods affect cells, how to cleanse, detoxify and rebuild your body, what your amazing microbiome can do for YOU, how the sun can heal dis-ease, how to negate negative effects of EMF’s, and soooooo much more! Live With OUTRAGEOUS Energy: Thrive Without Fear, Sickness & Dis-ease is jam-packed with graphs, charts, pictures, and highly researched, educational material that will inspire anyone of any age to restore health and vitality!

Albert Einstein once said, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Today, epigenetics, quantum physics, and new biology are proving with exciting scientific data, that the field truly is governing our every cell, and therefore the very health of our bodies!

When cellular environments and context is changed using either fields (waves) or chemicals (foods, supplements, etc.), the cells are revitalized! Reborn!  

And that my new friends, is what this book is all about!  THIS IS THE ONE BOOK YOU NEED!

Change the Field = Change YOUR LIFE!

Great Health? It’s a Cell Thing! 

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Everyone LOVES this best selling, mouth watering recipe book!  With over 700 tasty recipes for Living Food (raw) and delicious Dead Food (cooked), along with household cleaners and safe personal care products, this is a MUST HAVE for YOU! Karen's compilation of recipes comes from over 25 years of playing (and working) in the kitchen. Karen (ZuZu) owned Zuzu's Organic Cafe, catered at health expos, weddings and private events, ran three licensed Kitchens and is excited to share her recipes with YOU!