How Can We Help YOU? Retreat W/Us & Convention Time!


Not Kidding! There is a real live person, often me Karen, on the other end of this email.

With everything in your inbox. I / we (Amy, Tepoe, Cory - the I2H2E gang) never want you to feel any less important than the amazing friend you are!

So YES I personally get excited about retreats, conventions, minerals, new health findings and just about everything, (I know some of you are laughing .... me get excited?) but my greatest excitement still comes from seeing and hearing from YOU!

As expo presentations and live classes are limited, we can stay in contact through email and media! 

This week and next I am recording many segments on Minerals, what they each do in the body, where to find them and how to know if you are low on one - AMAZING INFO! 

Enjoy them on FB and Youtube as they air.  It has been a fun labor of LOVE for your cells!!! xoxo

??'s Just reply to this email to ask a question or reach me.  It may take a few days to respond, but your voice is heard, and matters to me!


Join me in sunny Southern Utah for a 3-day retreat Wednesday - Friday, May 2-4!  INSIDE AND OUT: Balancing The Inside While Building The Outside of YOU!  

FANTASTIC food, LIFE MOTIVATING education, friends and FUN all for only $349! RETREAT INFO HERE!

Who's all coming?

Myself, some of our amazing TNC's and I2H2E board of directors, Hope Zvara (master CORE strength educator from WI) and Dr. Essen from MN flies in to teach Friday and Saturday, both at the retreat and at the I2H2E Convention! FYI: Dr. Essen is one of the most brilliant doctors you'll ever hear speak! 


YOUR CELLS ARE ALIVE! Understanding Your Internal Cellular Universe Join doctors and professionals for presentations on how cells function!  Learn how human cells react to substances we eat, drink, & even the medications we take. Discover how changing cellular environment really does change our health and wellbeing!

The Presentations:
“Enhancing cell function with one essential life sustaining nutrient: Glutathione”
“Superfoods 4 supercells: Studies show superfoods build, heal and repair the human cell”
“A visible ‘blow your mind’ tour of how human cells function”
”Maximizing your medicine: How absorption factors and nutrient deficient profiles affect cellular uptake”
“Yoga for great digestion and elimination: Daily cell detox 4 life”
”Modulating your DNA responses: Cell receptors stimulate healing”
“A FASCINATING presentation on how food and nutrients break down and travel to each cell!"

Join us for a Raw Cacao (chocolate) and Superfood Party Friday night and a Doctors Panel Saturday afternoon answering your health questions!


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Karen Urbanek

I don’t know who gets excited about your cell health more, you or me!

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Karen Urbanek