What Our Animals Can Sense About Our Health And EnJOYment Of Life! 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

Ana Maria is a close friend.

It has been an amazing journey watching her help so many people here in America and now around the world!

She has been an educator, trainer & coach for more than 20 years in various areas of personal transformation.

She is a natural energy reader, an interpreter of sorts, as she lifts the veil between what’s happening in our “3D world” and the energetic patterns behind it.

Her gift is to see what we don’t always see. Not just in ourselves, but even in others around us.

She shared with me great insights when we worked together years ago in Wisconsin.  

I loved how open she was with me. And how easy it was for her to see simple things I could do to improve my life; things I was oblivious to.

To say she left me a changed woman, from knowing her would be an understatement. I became a better version of myself from knowing her, learning from her and enjoying her gifts.

One of those gifts is her ability to connect people and their animals and it’s fascinating to experience.

As a multi-sensory intuitive, she’s able to tune in and see the places where our limiting beliefs are getting us stuck in our “old ways of being” and how they show up now in our life.

Ana Maria has a profound connection with nature & animals and specializes in working with them because they act as mirrors to our inner landscape and help us make shifts that on our own we wouldn’t do.

You will enjoy learning what some of the messages our animals are giving us right now, in our home, on our ranches, in the pet stores, and even those animals you see outside each day, by pressing play on today’s interview with Ana Maria!

This is a short version of years of her experience, and trust me, you are only getting a glimpse in this 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! interview, but you can get more in her free series!

Ana Maria is also a certified Intuitive Strategist and serves on the faculty of the Academy for the Soul.

Her prayer and intention is to BE of service and that prayer is the impetus for the creation of the Here We Grow Again webinar series.

If you have a pet and want to discover more about your animal or animals being messengers in general, then you will want to take Ana Maria’s online class Animals as Messengers.  

She’s offering it to anyone in our AEIOU community for only $33!  
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That course is normally $127!

If you get hooked, like Jill does about animals, you can also book a private session with Ana Maria and find the details right here.

Check out the interview today and see just how amazing my friend, Ana Maria, an international speaker and extraordinary human being, is.

Plus, she is wearing the coolest feather earrings you simply MUST check out!

Come on inside the 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! series now and get invested in your health, your sexy and yep, even happier animals to go along with the more JOYful U!

Karen Urbanek