Turning It Up For Superstars and Presidents! 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

Everyone has a backstory. And for this guy, who Turns Up the Beat in Day 2 of our 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U series, his story is off the charts!

Gaynor Brunson lives and works in Utah but that's not where he's been his entire life.

See Gaynor grew up on stages big and small. 

He's played for presidents... of the United States of America. 

He's played for legends like Neil Diamond, Liberace, Johnny Carson, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Carol Burnett, and Tom Selleck.

He and his brothers performed as The Brunson Brothers.

The brothers started a studio in Los Angeles, hosting and studio recording with names such as Millie Vanillie and Strunz & Farah (an album that went to #1 for 9 straight weeks on Billboard's World Music Charts), working with Paula Abdul's producer. 

Some of their studio clients included Madonna, Axel Rose from Guns and Roses, Kiss...and a host of others!

But more than just music, Gaynor is focused on the positive. He knows how impactful music, lyrics, messaging can be and he's all about high frequency/good vibrations.

As we all should be.

Gaynor says it best when he shares that music shapes cultures and impacts how we think.

Are you aware of what goes in?

Are you conscious of the music playing in your car, in your home, in the stores you walk through?

All of these things play a role in how we feel.

Just like sugar or caffeine, bad music can easily pull the body down.

We leave you with this simple message from DAY TWO of our 28 Days Series.

Turn It UP! Turn Up the Beat That Is!

On anything positive in your life.

On anything that makes you smile.

On music that elevates your mood.

On songs that encourage, uplift and compel you to greatness.

Gaynor is an accomplished musician, business owner and all around nice, family guy who knows the importance of keeping his personal frequencey high so that he can be his best self.

Practice that today. Pay attention to your moods when you listen to music and do more of what brings you JOY!

Haven't tuned into Gaynor video yet? You can TURN IT UP right now.

Karen Urbanek