Tips and Tricks to Emotional Pet Care With Ana Maria. AUDIO!

Emotional Pet Care: 
How your emotions are reflected by your pets and your pets in you!

You’ve been there, it’s happened to you.  

You walk in the door from a hard day and your pet crawls up on your lap.   They snuggle and start to purr and you didn’t say a thing. Perhaps you just wept.

The next day you come in with smiles and excitement, and your pet is circling under your feet so fast you almost trip!

How do they know?  When do they know?

Did you know pets know how you are feeling before you even come home? It’s called entanglement.

You and all things living in your home are entangled.  When you are excited and vibrant, your pets are excited.  When you are sad, they feel it.  When you are upset, they know it.

Join me as I spend an entire  hour visiting with one of my favorite women, and absolutely my favorite Multisensory Animal & Nature Intuitive, Ana Maria Vasquez.

Ana Maria will shed eye opening advice, wisdom, and insights into how your life and home with the four legged or flying creatures creates an atmosphere of love, trust, hope, tenderness and inspiration.  You can create love at home with much more than human DNA!