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Imagine if you worked for years to become a doctor of this or that only to realize that the tools and materials at your disposal were poisoning you, your family and your patients.

This is where Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, our next guest in the 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! was just a few years ago after decades of study to become a top doctor in her chosen field of dentistry.

And yes, she nearly gave it all up.

But before making a drastic career move, and leaving what she loved - dentistry, Dr. Michelle Jorgensen did exhaustive reading and extensive researching to discover what, if anything, was available in holistic dentistry.

She vowed to read, research and find the most health promoting and sustaining dental materials and techniques possible for her patients and for herself.  

Her journey led her to take Karen’s TNC Course back in 2011.  

Dr. Jorgensen became a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor (TNC) as well as a Kois Center for Dental Excellence Graduate.  She is a member of the IAOMT, for dental material safety, and a graduate of the Dawson Center for TMJ Therapy.

Dr. Jorgensen is constantly challenging the status quo in dentistry, and nutrition, as she discovers the answers to "dental mysteries" she comes across daily.  

She is never okay with taking someone else's word for why the teeth are doing this or that.  

If she wants to know something, she reads and researches until she has the answer.  

She knows her job is one of the most important in medicine, because she can see a person's health problems, through their mouth and teeth, before they manifest in other parts of the body.  

Your mouth tells all!

Did you know that?

Well, it’s true and something to keep in mind when you want to go a few years, or a decade, without seeing your dentist!

Dr. Jorgensen enjoys siting down with her patients to map out what’s happening in the body through the teeth. See our teeth have hundreds of miles of nerves that travel into our body. Not a few miles...hundreds of miles. 

You're teeth are VERY connected to the rest of you!

As a society in general, we have been taught to separate the body into areas instead of looking at ourselves as a whole.

In the medical field, it’s even more extreme, as doctors are encouraged to specialize in one or possibly two areas.

But when you talk to Dr Jorgensen, you will quickly see that a specific issue, in a specific area of the mouth, with a specific tooth, is affecting the gallbladder or the liver or the heart.

In today’s interview, Karen even brings up thermal imaging of a woman’s cancerous breast tumor could physically be seen linked (with the heat mapping) up the nerve, straight to the tooth and a decaying, infected root canal.

Did you catch that?

The pathway, from one specific tooth, lead straight to the cancerous cells!

The mouth is everything as Dr. Jorgensen discusses at the start of this very informative and easy to understand interview.

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The mouth impacts how you feel about yourself - from your smile, the crookedness of your teeth or the fact that you might have old caps from an injury in high school. (Happens a lot, apparently!)

The first thing people see when you speak is your mouth - well, maybe after your eyes! But let’s face it, we do notice a smile.

A great one.

And even a lack of one.

And often times people don’t think of the smile, or the teeth, as a place to spend money. They feel that it’s more frivolous or second, third, even tenth after all other expenses are paid.

And that’s not true.

Your smile is linked to your confidence.

Your smile is all about your teeth, which is completely linked to the overall health of your entire body!

Your teeth are an extension of your bones. Decaying teeth equals decaying bones.

Press play on this interview now (you can register here) and discover the needed vitamins to keep your teeth happy, strong and health.

Dr. Jorgensen also discusses a few things to avoid and a few ways to cost effectively get a whiter smile - just from your local grocery store.

When Dr. Michelle Jorgensen isn’t checking out teeth, she’s up to her elbows on her farm and in her garden. She has a love of people and the outdoors. She knows the importance of taking time outside of work, becoming grounded, refreshed and “charging her batteries” in nature.

She feeds all of the delicious veggies she grows to her large family and friends.

If you are looking for an incredible dentist, the search is over!!  

Karen’s entire family uses Dr. Jorgensen’s services and many of Karen’s clients travel from around the country to have appointments with Dr. Michelle and her marvelous staff.

A frequent speaker at Karen's events, Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is enthusiastic to share what she learns.  

You can also subscribe to her weekly newsletter and catch her Youtube videos, (yep, she’s on social media!), at

Side Note: 
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