The Fit Body is a JOYFUL Body! 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

I love the message in this next video in our 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! series. The message is simple and one most of us can relate to right about late January or early February each year.

You're not gonna get in shape until you start.

Raise your hand if this applies to you?

Raise your entire body up off the chair, coach, bed... (not car!), if you can, if this applies to you times two, times ten, times more?

How many years are we going to let go by thinking about changing our eating habits, or our exercise habits?

Simply thinking about doing something is literally doing nothing.

Do not let your super brain fool you!

Because it's totally capable of it. It does it all the time when it says, "Start on Monday."

Well, darn it, today is Monday (even if it's not) and it's time to start!

It's time to "check your pride at the door" and roll up your sleeves and do something to bring JOY to your physical body.

Even if it's ONE pushup.
Even if it's a five minute walk around the block.
Even if it's TWO pull-ups. (Now those suckers are hard!)

By checking our pride at the door, as my next guest likes to say, is not about researching our workout options, clicking buy on the next workout video or thinking about starting on next week.

That is all done in our "mind-gym" and doesn't bring us joy nor change until our body steps up and takes action.

So take action right now and listen to today's interview in our 28 Days Series

This guy is handsome, smart, athletic and here to help YOU get into your more joyful body!

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Today's fabulous edition is sweaty and hardcore. I'm not going to lie!

It's Crossfit, baby!

No, we're not doing Crossfit now, but why the end of this interview, you might just want to! 
(And if you go do it, I want you to email me personally so I can WHOOP! and congratulate you on STARTING!)

Will Taylor is a husband, father, business owner, athlete and advocate for all those he meets!

He's the guy next door you want to get to know. They guy who motivates you when you walk through the door of his gym (and I'm sure even his home). He's just naturally got your back.

We all need a Will in our lives.

And we all need Will-Power, don't we? This guy is just that, a willpower all his own that almost becomes contagious for those around him.

With a father who played college baseball, and a mother who played high school basketball, you can just imagine what Will's first toys were...BALLS!

Any shape, size and for every sport.

Playing in his backyard in Tennessee, with his three brothers, two sisters, mom and dad, they were a very active family. On the court, off the court, at school, at church, it simply didn’t matter, Will was all about the game!

Will loved three things: God, Competition, and to Win. Well, he also loves his gorgeous wife and sweet little children (and probably way before the need to compete and the desire to win!)

When asked what Will’s desire or mission statement was, it came naturally.

“I hope to influence people to empower themselves and live the highest quality of life they can live. Whether it be through fitness, mental strength, strong self-esteem, I just want to be an advocate in helping them anyway I can.”

That may be why he is such a highly respected team player.

He played on varsity football and basketball in high school, then played college rugby for BYU, leading them in not one, but four national championships!

Will also played for the Utah Olympic Development Academy leading up to last summers' Olympic games, reaching for that Olympic spot on the roster.

With his Degree in Exercise and Wellness, Will and his wife own CrossFit in Cedar City. He and his wife both compete in a variety of events, and their young son is already at the gym playing with their favorite toys...Balls!

Their first daughter was born just two months ago, and while sporting her big pink flower headband, is already watching mom train for competition. And yes, she's just about back to pre-baby shape simply because she STARTED, not because she's a gym owner and thought about starting...

Will has coached both myself and Roger (my husband) in his Cedar City gym. Roger has caught the bug and has an eye on competition! (He's doing. I'm doing. And it feels AMAZING.)

Sure, it's hard work. Sure, my muscles get sore. I've always been more of a yoga type, however, I LOVE it. I love how much stronger my body is since I started Crossfit.

And that strength brings me JOY.

Inspiring and motivating, Will was just the guy to ask…. WHY EXERCISE?

Enjoy not only his comments, but a few testimonials from some amazing athletes afterwards! 
(The mothers may just surprise you! Hint: One could lift her husband and she never knew that lifting would bring her such JOY but her smile says it all!)

We simply don't know where the joy will come from until we step out fully, leave our pride at the door and TRY.

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Visit Will next time you're in town!

You can find his gym and more about him right here.

Karen Urbanek