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A statement of purpose is something we over at AEIOU are excited to be working on.

It’s a process. It’s a meeting of minds and energies and beliefs to forge a few lines, few paragraphs into a cohesive reasoning of WHY we do what we do here. It’s important and it will be done soon. (And something we will share!)

But how many individuals have a statement of purpose for themselves, their personal lives?

I’m sure not too many.

Which is a shame.

Jiil here, and the educator in me is thinking, Oh yeah, this needs to be taught in school. Early.

This is as vital as multiplication tables. This is a person’s, a child’s, GPS guidance system that all things should refer back to.

A statement of purpose is a way to know where one is going - in values, actions and beliefs - with a way to measure the course and self-correct.

Wow, what a powerful tool that is, if it was taught to our children!

Well, mom, dad, gramma, I encourage you to whip out some paper and a few fun colored pens today and help your own child/grandchild, no matter elementary, middle or high school age, to start dreaming of their purpose on this earth.

Together you could create a statement of purpose - as a family, and as individuals.

Our next guest on 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! has her own statement of purpose at 23 years of age.

This is a portion of her statement of purpose:

This is my purpose. I am not here to serve myself. I am here to be the limbs of a power greater than myself. I will reteach our society what it means to feel free. I will reteach the forgotten how it feels to be remembered. I will reteach the hopeless how it feels to anticipate the next moment of life. I will reteach the sad how it feels to make a difference.

Um, wow.

Where do I sign up to adopt this game-changing, young woman who is going to rock the very foundations of how people live!? (After Jenna, of course, my favorite videographer and buddy in fun! Gosh, I’m going to end up with a big family…!)

And this is where every single change starts - with a BELIEF.

Airplanes. Two brothers BELIEVED they could fly.

Lightbulb. One guy tried more than 1000 times to get it right. He had a belief that was so solid, so real, he refused to give up.

A Dream. One man had a vision, a dream and wrote a speech, gave a speech that changed the shape of the Civil Right’s Movement.

Amy Sprouse, mark my words, is going to change how people BELIEVE. She’s already started that process on social media, with rave reviews and a mad following, and continues in today’s interview - BELIEVING IN THE U!

See, Sciences Proves Thoughts Matter And We Have The Power To Improve Them.

Amy is busy in college studying that exact science and will soon graduate with a degree in Epidemiology ( the method used to find the causes of health outcomes and diseases in populations), minor in Business, all while running her own successful business, and helping others by volunteering at retirement homes and with recovering addicts.


That deserves a wow. She deserves a wow.

But this isn’t about making you feel like you haven’t accomplished enough, this is about what’s possible. So much is possible for this young woman because she BELIEVES it is.

After traveling to places that took her off her raw food lifestyle, she gained weight. Well, she’s lost it because she believed that her cells were storing her fat to keep her alive. She kept it off, because she believed her body was working for her, not against her by holding onto the weight.

In this video, she discusses the "body hate" thoughts some of us tend to have as women (and men) versus the shift that can happen if we shift our beliefs to "body love" thoughts.

The mind is stunningly powerful.

Amy discusses how the science of the mind can help you with your weight, your finances, your relationships and even a person’s addictions or ability to step away from those choices and chose a new path.

The mind is powerful and Amy is just as powerful as she JOYFULLY shares in today’s amazing interview three ways you can start Believing in the U so that you too can access more JOY and even a SEXIER, healthier inside and out!

Press play on today’s interview now and if you’re not already enrolled in 28 Days, there’s no time like the present to dive in!

Karen Urbanek