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If you haven't read the post about Dr. Robert Gibson on the Molecules of Happiness, you might want to start there!

Dr. Gibson is a medically trained Neurologist, who went into chiropractic and functional medicine so he could make more of a difference in people's lives. And he has. 

This man is amazing, highly educated, puts what he learns to use and is definitely someone you want on your team. 

As a Neurologist, who utilizes natural treatments like nutrition and chiropractic, Dr. Gibson’s love of the human brain and nervous system is what led him to create his own brain formula NeoCell+.

Dr. Gibson has recommended NeoCell+ to his patients suffering from a wide variety of neurological problems.  

He has successfully treated thousands with issues like memory fog, anxiety, depression, MS, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADD ADHD, and most any other neurological disorder!

In this video, he dives into common sense, nutrition, places to start and what's wrong with medicine - and why it's killing us…plus, how to start healing today! 

Dr. Gibson was part of's amazing 28 Days To A Sexier More JOYFUL U! video series and his message definitely fits.

As a world-traveling speaker, who presents on the Molecules of Happiness (in both English and Japanese - yep, you read that right), his programs, classes and message are vital for your brain health.

And the health of your body.

Everything starts in the brain, in the mind, and in the thoughts we think.

And it continues with what we put INTO our bodies.

If you want to make changes on this level - of what goes into your body - you may want to check out a new email series coming free from called, you guessed it.... 28 Days To A Raw U!

(Watch for details…)

But right now, press play on this interview above and discover this man's amazing talents. He share how he sees what's not functioning with the body, starting with the brain, and the steps he takes to help people begin to heal. 

And if you're not inside 28 Days yes, you can get in on the highly recommended one-video-a-day series now - starting with Day One and Doctor Gibson! It's free and easy to register...!

Want to learn more about Dr. Gibson? 
You can find more about Dr. Gibson's on his

Interested in his NeoCell+ and NeoCleanse formulas?
You can read up on both right now to see if they are right for you or someone you know. Check them out. Karen swears by them! 

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