Imagine A Super Life Stay With Karen At Her Utah Ranch! NEWSLETTER

Jill here to share something Super Special with you…

At times, I’m an extrovert and the life of the party, but often I like my space. I require peace, quiet and solitude to stay grounded.

For that reason, I don’t normally stay with people.

I prefer hotels or renting an entire space so that I can have my privacy, my downtime, my reprieve.

So, going to the Super Life Ranch for the first time, should have filled me with a bit of anxiety and yet, it didn’t.

I waited for the feeling of non-belonging to sink in, but it never did.

I waited for the uncomfortableness to set in, being at a B&B, sharing space, but it never did.

Instead, I felt welcomed.

More welcomed than my favorite grandmother’s hug. (Oops, am I not supposed to have a favorite!?!)

I literally felt embraced by Karen, Roger and her children (Jenna, Rose and LillieMay, whom I met) from the moment I was ushered inside.

The sense of peace and calm and rest was unlike anything I’ve ever before experienced.

And the sleep...well, best-most-rested-sleep of my entire life has been at the Super Life Ranch.

Oh and the food, well, don’t even get me started!

My body wants to bow down before Karen, but I know that would simply embarrass her.

To say the Super Life Ranch is special would be the understatement of 2017.


This place is magical.

The food is phenomenal.

The education in just sharing space with Karen (and Jenna and Roger and her girls…) is unparalleled.

Each moment was an exceptional taste of health, healing and getting back to the basics of wellness.

If I had only one place to visit again, I’d pick the Super Life Ranch.

(And I have a French hubby from Paris)!

But no joke, this place is a must-be-discovered, has-to-be-enjoyed part of your new year and new you.

When I heard Karen was opening up her home, her kitchen, her knowledge, and her ranch to invite a few chosen people who SAW THE VISION of what a week of YOU TIME could do, I nearly booked each of the weeks myself.


That’s how crazy I am about the incredibleness of the Super Life Ranch, the Super Life Family and all the SUPER learning, healing and joy that happens each time I go.

And I’m fortunate, because I don’t have to take one of the three spots on the calendar Karen and her family have marked off for YOU.

I have been to the Super Life Ranch twice already and will be there again in just two weeks. And I can’t wait.

See, for me, what started out as a consulting job to help Karen create her online educational platform, morphed into a symbiotic partnership between us (and Jenna - love her)!

And for that, I am SO grateful and JOYFUL.

I get to experience the Super Life Ranch, abundance, outrageous energy and keep restoring my own health all year long.

And I thought my health was pretty decent considering I’ve written for naturopathic doctors for more than a decade, am a Certified Health Coach and have more books on natural healing than I have bookshelves. (And that’s saying a lot! I love books!)

Heck, I think Karen would let me come every two weeks as long as I keep writing, building and creating with her and Jenna. (Karen: hint. hint. wink. wink.)

(Oh and Jenna makes to die for raw, chocolate macaroons that are out of this world. And Karen’s cookies, let’s just say my husband doesn’t let me in the door, after my stay at the Super Life Ranch, without a bag full! And he rations ME to one a day!)

And these are HEALTHY cookies. I can’t even tell you how amazing they are… everything is!

Look, I don’t know about you. Maybe your health is AWESOME.

Maybe you sleep like a baby every night.

Perhaps you already have incorporated a raw food diet and are amazing in the kitchen.

But if there is just a twinge of interest in visiting Karen and learning from her….

If there is just a touch of I want to go there! shouting inside you right now…

If there is a part of you that wants to get back to the basics of health…

Enjoy a much needed break, from everyday stresses, while enjoying amazing, good-for-you food, well…

Keep reading…(February 24th the doors open and spots will be up for the first-come-first, well, um, grabs!)

A Super Life Stay might be just what you need!

Karen Urbanek