How To Raise Kids with Real JOY In the Home! 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

“Do your kids ever tell you to stop being so happy!?”

This question popped out of a woman’s mouth recently when Karen was giving her a ride home. The woman literally asked Karen if her children had ever said to her, “Mom, stop being so happy.”

What in the world do you say to something like that?

Well, first, I have to applaud Karen for not taking offense in the slightest. Instead of getting an attitude or feeling insulted she simply said, “Uh, no.”

She then shared the incident with me and the brilliant idea of “asking her kids” came up and so here we are, with Day 23 of 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! and a video starring, you guessed it - four of Karen’s children!

What they have to say is so worth pressing play.

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Karen sat down with 27 year old Jenna, 22 year old Amy, 15 year old Rose and 13 year old Lilly to ask the pressing question - “What in the world have we done right that has made us love each other so much? We have a lot of joy in the house. But also, what have we done wrong?”

Here are some reasons the girls came up with as to why they are so JOYFUL that you might find fascinating like me, an only child.

  1. No TV was ever on in the background, which meant no outside influence. 
    There is no drama from shows influencing the family dynamic. 
  2. Family Dynamic is Work Hard. Play Hard. We all work together. 
    “If You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat!”
  3. Working teaches us to be thankful and appreciative.
  4. Being on the Same Team comes from working together.
  5. Family Prayer Every Night.
  6. Dinner Time Together - Talking to each other about their day with no devices.
  7. We eat 70%+ raw. Coming home to great food that made us feel good was/is awesome.
  8. Karen lived by her motto, “I love your guts” and choose to spend quality time in the kitchen preparing healthy foods, and therefore, the kitchen naturally became a happy gathering place for the family.
  9. Communication Skills are a big thing in the house. 
    Learning How To Communicate - “When you do this, it makes me feel this…” 
  10. Knowing each other’s “Love Languages” - Lilly loves gifts. Amy loves affirmations. 
    Knowing what pleases the other person helps form bonds and great communication. 
  11. No whining was allowed!
  12. Word Hate Wasn’t Allowed.
  13. Word Stupid Wasn’t Allowed.
  14. Shut Up Wasn’t Allowed.
  15. Words were used to build each other up, never tear each other down. The effect and affect of words is everything and Amy speaks on this in the video.
  16. Sacrifice was taught through the timeout chair. If one child had a timeout for ten minutes the other kids could come sit in timeout with the “naughty one” and absorb some of the time. One or many, not in trouble, would sacrifice their free time so that they could all go play together again.
  17. No Arguing - Parents stopped the argument and the kids would have to hold hands. Even worse, they’d have to read from a kid’s book for 30 minutes, out loud, together, as a team.
  18. A weekly Family Briefing (meeting) was called - and all showed up. 
    Karen would run the SHORT Family Briefing just like a meeting. 
    Goals for the week. Accomplishments. Requests for meals. The schedule and any special requirements so that there was ahead of time knowledge of things to come. 
  19. Instilling an understanding of “have to” and “get to.”
    We Don’t HAVE to do anything, we GET to show up.
  20. Being Positive was a choice. 
  21. Building each other up was a choice.
  22. Having an Open Door “Party” House atmosphere - where friends and extended family always feel comfortable, safe and happy.
  23. The focus was on inner happiness and individual self worth, and the family units’ worth, not external things like buying new clothes or gadgets.
  24. Taught to serve others. Love. Serve. Grow. - a way of living.
  25. Quotes like: “I release all that is unlike the attitude of love” was common on computers and bedroom walls. This one was above Julia’s bed. 
  26. Making beds. Appreciating what you have.
  27. Christmas caroling. Giving to others.
  28. Kindness Jar. (Watch the video to discover more on this awesome option!)
  29. Instilling in everyone that happiness and joy is a choice.
  30. And Jenna said it best, “Our home was always a place we were all happy to come home to, always able to leave because we always know our home is there.”

And as a frequent guest recently, I can chime in and say… “And always welcome!”

The SuperFood Family is just that, SUPER.

They are not just about food, although that is a huge part of their happiness and what allows them to vibrate at such a high, joyful frequency. Raw food. High vibes.

They are about kindness.
They are about service.
They are about loving each other.
They are about listening.
They are about caring.
They are about sharing.
They are about putting others first.

And it shows in every smile, every step and every word spoken.

Hats off to Karen and Roger for raising up such an amazing group of young women…. And just know there are more who are rocking out college, new babies and family life who are not present in today’s interview.

Go press play on today’s interview and learn more about this list in the SuperFood Family’s own words and if you haven’t already joined the series, you get jump on the 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! super train right now. It’s free, it’s full of joy and it’s got some amazing testimonials to back it up.

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And stay tuned for a little something in the Raw… kitchen that is, coming to you from some of the SuperFood Ladies!

Karen Urbanek