How To Embrace Your Sexy Sassy Self with Debbie Rosas. 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

Today is a known as the international day of LOVE.

Valentine’s Day.

And here at we thought it fitting to have today’s guest be a shining example of someone who embraces, even embodies, the saying A Sexier More Joyful U!

This woman has literally influenced thousands upon thousands, around the globe, with what she does and by who she chooses to be each day.

Debbie Rosas is the co-creator of the Nia Technique, which she and her partner, Carlos Aya-Rosas, founded forty years ago when she decided she wanted more.

She wanted to feel better. She wanted to move better.

And that all started with one moment, in a dojo, where she took off her shoes and felt the earth beneath her bare feet and started to listen to her body.

It was in this moment that her body was seeking the path of least resistance, very different from the traditional workout routines of the time, that she was professionally a part of.

But even more importantly, her body was telling her to seek pleasure - through movement, through daily actions, through existence.

And that right there is a beautiful thing.

When asked what exactly she does, Debbie stated that there were two real questions being asked. (Utterly fascinating to think of and apply to yourself).

  • What I Do...
  • What I Teach…

Get a Move On And Feel The Joy.
Come Dance. Come Play. Come Feel.
Join Us Inside Now

Debbie teaches the Nia Technique and has built it into an amazing international business that serves women and men while giving people back the joy of movement.

One of Nia’s slogans is Movement is Medicine and Debbie is walking, talking, breathing and living proof.

Who needs prescription drugs when you have Nia, can move toward a sensation of feel better and look like this woman!

In the interview, Debbie focuses deeply on the “What I Do” question, which may just be something you’ll want to ask yourself after pressing play on this video!

“I inspire people to feel so they can heal.”


Isn’t that incredibly beautiful?! And it doesn’t stop there.

Debbie shares that she motivates people, without them even knowing, toward the sensation of feel better.

And who doesn’t want to feel better?!

Well, after watching this amazing woman and discovering her thoughts on life becoming a sensation experience, has all of us at AEIOU dancing with JOY.


Back in 2008, Jill first heard about Nia and immediately signed up to for the White Belt Training. She's been dancing and feeling more JOY ever since.

In early February, when Karen was introduced to Debbie for the first time by Jill, she hopped online and quickly found a NIA video to try. And the rest is history.

She's so hooked, she moved our AEIOU Utah office space around so we can all dance daily! 

If you haven’t heard of NIA, if you haven’t tried this amazing technique, you can see for yourself the power of making choices based on the body through this amazing practice that encourages us to listen, then move.

Debbie shares being in your body as deep personal growth, because when one is “out of emotion” nothing but following can occur.

When we feel - which is emotional - we can learn what our body desires.

When we sense - the physical - we can listen to the body and do more of what is right in the moment.

When we imagine or think - we a connect with the mental side of our beings.

When we dive into answering the question, what is unique about U? - we are talking to the very spirit or essence of our being.

Talk about a whole mind-body-soul connection!

This woman is a powerhouse who knows the importance of receiving sensation.

Of finding JOY in each movement, whether it be reaching for a glass of water, drinking that water or slipping into a bath.

Debbie Rosas looks at the body, her body, as a gift the most precious gift she owns and the most important relationship she will ever have.

Imagine what would change in your life if you put your body’s needs front and center?

Imagine if you took the time to not look outside yourself for love, but to receive joy and love from your body, while nurturing amazing gift that it is.

If you want to start on this path of having a Sexier More Joyful U, it’s totally possible - at any age and at any stage.

Simply start asking yourself the following questions and listen to what comes up, without judgement.

  • Having a sexy life would mean….
  • Having joy would mean....
  • Is what I am doing, in this moment, bringing me JOY…?

Step into those things that bring you JOY and you will invite more JOY to follow.

And in order to do that, you may want to make a list of what that (sexy and joyful) would mean to you.

What fun questions!

Get inside 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! today so you can experience the JOYFUL sensation that is listening to Debbie Rosas speak from a place of deep love and wisdom.

She wants to inspire.
She wants people to look.
She wants others to go WOW.

And she knows that what she thinks affects her body.

Start tracking your sensation of JOY and define that word for you, your life, your body.

And if you want some help stepping into this world of sensation, pleasure and absolute JOY, you can check out Debbie’s new program The Awakening Program, coming March 2017.


And find a local NIA class or try a video online.

We at dare you NOT to experience JOY as a PHYSICAL SENSATION after doing this amazing practice that is truly a blessing to us and so many around the world.

Debbie is proof that if you have a VISION - “To inspire people to feel so they can heal!” - you can accomplish anything!

And she has. 
And this dynamic woman is seriously just getting started.

You can find more about Debbie at and Want to join The Awakening Project? Joyfully discover more here. 

Side Note:
Debbie mentions a great book by Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief

In addition, Debbie is an author of The Nia Technique 

And her passion project last year - Keeping Our Mothers' Stories Alive: A Guided Journal

And her very first book - Non-Impact Aerobics: The Nia Technique

Karen Urbanek