How to be the Leader Who Brings Joy to the Team. 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

Our success depends on two things and one we discussed back with Paul Hatch on Day 3 of our 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! series.

First, our skill set.

Second, people.

As Paul mentioned in his interviewed about Finding Joy In Relationships, people are everywhere and how we communicate with them is a key factor in how successful we are in our home, our work place, in our lives.

People are in every single aspect and unless you want to go live on a mountainside somewhere, which is totally cool, you’ll have to learn a thing or two about working with people.

And if you want to lead people, well, that right there is a skill set all it’s own.

A skillset that Lilla Szvoboda, our next guest in our 28 Days series has excelled at from early on. She’s a Swiss-Miss, literally, and sat down for a chat with Karen from the Swiz-Alps where she and her husband now call home.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Lilla is a millennial who knows the importance of hard work, relationships and great communication skills.

She’s been in the corporate world from age 23 as a marketing project coordinator for a luxury car brand. Long commutes, office politics, dress codes, 60+ hour workweeks did her in rather quickly and had her searching for something more.

While she enjoyed what she was doing, Lilla decided she needed more freedom in her life, and that starting with marrying her husband - whose last name (Szvoboda) actually even means freedom.

The two have become globetrotting entrepreneurs who love life, love people and love to work.

She started online marketing implementation and virtual assistant services in 2011 working from home. She built a network marketing business of almost 1000 members, while also building her virtual assistant business to a completely different income level.

Throughout it all, she wondered how could she make this financial and location independence available to others.

She and her husband have lived on 2 continents, in 3 countries and took over 100 trips (just in the last 5 years) all around the world, WHILE she was building her businesses.

Her love and commitment to help people succeed and raise their life standards can be felt in everything she does.

The United States has a really special place in her heart as well, since she lived there for 4 years, made great friends and it inspired her to start to build her businesses around freedom and flexibility.

Another of her attributes, is compassion. One of her biggest inspirations in creating the Work From Wherever Lifestyle Academy came from wanting to empower women in her country and from her travels in the states.

She felt an immense need to empower women to become self sufficient and financially independent while having the freedom to work from wherever, whenever on whatever they want to.

This once, freedom striving little girl, who opened beauty shops for her friends dolls (talk about entrepreneurial spirit), went from working hard for her success in the corporate world, to helping people all over the world create a location independent lifestyle with financial freedom.

In this interview, Lilla shares a few secrets that have helped her succeed while working with so many different people and personalities.

Her take on what’s most important when in the position of “boss” is fascinating and actually pretty easy to implement.

It just takes some boundaries (hint, hint!).

Jump inside our 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! series now and access Lilla’s interview with Karen, see the “Swiss” mountains and enjoy a powerful moment about how running your business life should and can bring you great JOY!

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Remember you have the ability to become a more JOYFUL leader or a more JOYFUL team member - and it starts with you, right here, today.

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Side Note: 
In this interview, Karen mentions a great book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This is an amazing book for anyone who wants to know more about communication, personality types and how to honor people where they are in life. 

Karen Urbanek