Electromagnetic Frequencies: Using EMF Devices Safely. AUDIO!

EFTs are dangerous. We know this. Studies date back to the mid-1900s.

Mothers used to fight when a telephone and electric companies wanted to put a tower (of any kind) by a school. Heck, federal regulations made it impossible to put them within so many feet of a school finally, why?

Because the dangers of EFTs are real and KNOWN.

And have been for a very long time.

Karen dives into this hot topic that is so vital for you if you suffer from any dis-ease of the body, lack of sleep or simply want better health.

If you have children in the home and they have devices, listen!

If you or anyone you know has a child struggling with ADD, ADHD, autism or other concerns like depression, THIS call is for you!

Press play now and discover what you need to do to use your cell phone safely, why Wifi is a no-no and just how dangerous EMFs can be.

Plus, Karen talks ways to make your home safe.

In addition, she dives into dirty electricity and that alone, once addressed, can help you start to sleep like a baby again!

Jenna Julianne