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Confidence is a funny thing, isn’t it?

You either have it, or you don’t.

And I think we can all agree, being confident is pretty important in all aspects of our lives.

Meaning, if you’re not confident at work, you probably won’t be getting that promotion.

If you’re in school and you’re not confident about that test you’re about to take, chances are you won’t do as well as you would have, had you gone in knowing you’d rock it!

When you’re not confident, everything is simply harder.

So then the question becomes “How do you become more confident when you aren’t?”

Our next guest in the 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! dives deep into this very subject that every business owner, parent, entrepreneur, student and even child should hear.

Yep, it’s that good!

And that important.

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Dr. Alan Boyer was born in England and came to the USA in 1998 through a job opportunity. While he never lost his accent (thankfully!), he has picked up skills and accomplishments over the years.

Dr. Alan Boyer has quite an extensive career background in Europe and the USA in senior executive and CEO roles in a variety of high-tech test and measurement, healthcare, financial planning, nutritional supplement formulation, music, and other businesses.

With a strong academic and career background, Alan loves being part of something new and daring. Yes, that’s how he found Karen!

And, as a very close friend of Karen’s, we have him here to motivate YOU!

And motivate you he will when you press play on this amazing interview.

Dr. Boyer speaks about the importance of believing in what you are doing, which is important for several reasons.

When we believe about something, we feel good.

When we feel good, our energy goes up, our frequency increases our ability to attract like to like increases.

Dr. Boyer mentions something vital about confidence in this interview along with some great stories you won’t want to miss.

When you believe in what you are doing and know it’s a good thing, you feel a presence about it. A good feeling, a rightness. It’s in this rightness that answers come and you can then figure out what steps need to be done.

Whether that thing is a work project, parenting, studying or learning how to play a musical instrument, it does not matter.

The confidence comes in the next step, which might just be at odds with all you’ve thought, learned and experienced.

To be more confident about what is currently on your plate, Dr. Boyer says to surround yourself with smart, competent people.

So being confident is not about isolation.

It’s not about being the best and keeping others at a distance.

It’s not about competition.

Confidence is about collaboration.

WOW! Lightbulb moment, anyone?!

If you believe and know what you are doing is a good thing, you can then lead OR be open to learning.

Think of great sports figures.

Just because they hit the major leagues doesn’t mean they stop learning, stop surrounding themselves with the BEST COACHES.

But I bet it takes some pretty strong belief in what they are doing - confidence - to get to the majors in the first place!

What about a President?

I know, hot topic, but let’s keep it cool!

The President of ANY COUNTRY doesn’t do ALL the work. That’s not possible.

Instead, they surround themselves with experts in their chosen field.

The President (again of ANY country) must BELIEVE in what he or she is doing, have a knowing that it’s a good thing (even when faced with turmoil), and figure out what needs to be done. Their job, while surrounded by people who KNOW more, is to lead and that can only be done from a place of great confidence.

Dr. Boyer goes deeper into how a person may appear confident on the outside yet on the inside be filled with turmoil and he goes onto explain that this turmoil happens when we don’t have people who can help us.

His views on confidence, being an amateur and a professional are simply extraordinary and can create a space for amazing growth for you today.

If you want a dose of confidence and to discover how to readily dip into that pool so you can teach your children the same, you’ll want to watch this amazing man speak.

He’s literally great leaders are!

While Dr. Boyer is a confident business man, musician and has a ton of very impressive letters after his name, he’s also a pretty amazing, humble, down-to-earth guy.

He loves Indian cuisine, a good martini, splendidly looking neckties, lovely timepieces, elegant fountain pens, well-cut suits, custom-fit shoes, fish ‘n’ chips (obviously), and the obligatory tea-time. (YES! Some Englishmen really do love to take tea!)

Alan is driven to success and is a compassionate individual who understands that everyone has a story that should be heard. One of his favorite says is "Every event has multiple histories." He believes the best decisions are made by gathering as many of those histories as possible in the time available before making an important decision.

Alan is a highly accomplished musician and has conducted music ensembles since he was sixteen years old. He was destined to become a professional conductor/musician and followed that dream until he decided he didn't want music to become his career, but his passion.

He believes his best performances have emerged from digging deep into everyone’s soul and getting the “why” out of them in their music.

He retains this passion for music and conducting, and claims his leadership skills are very much because of his music background, communicating with amateur and professional musicians to get the very best performances out of them.

He is extremely confident, compassionate, and engaging, with no time for a single negative thought! That right there is a great take-away!

Alan believes in constant learning and loves to study self-improvement.

He takes inspiration from a 90-year-old gentleman who, at the end of 2016, wrote out his Next Five Year Plan—and what a plan it was!

The point here, is to never stop learning, being, doing, existing… even at age 90!

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