Changing Your Body with Whole Foods with the Green Smoothie Girl. 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

I think it’s safe to say that we know an organic apple is a better choice than a bag of chips, but what you may not realize is that our cells shift and change as we consume whole foods.

Just like eating that bag of chips makes you crave another, eating more whole foods, over a rather short period of time, will do that same.

Did you catch that?

When you start eating whole foods, your body will crave more!

And whole food doesn’t need to be hard or expensive or even scary to start.

Our next guest in the 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! is known as the Green Smoothie Girl, but she wasn’t always.

In fact, 20 years ago, Robyn Openshaw, was 70lbs overweight and diagnosed with 21 diseases. But it was when the health of her one year old son began to fail, after she’d followed doctor’s directions to stop breastfeeding after 6 months, add formula to his diet and started giving him cow’s milk and other processed foods (like chicken nuggets, as she saw other moms doing), that she “woke up”!

Modern medicine was not helping Robyn, her son, nor moving the needle on both of their declining health.

Not to mention that Robyn was only in her mid-twenties, and simply getting pregnant had been a trial of surgeries, infertility drugs and multiple miscarriages.

Robyn took matters into her own hands and it all began with a green smoothie.

If you are tired of counting calories, watching the number on the scale rise or simply wanting more energy, then you’ll want to press play on this amazingly insightful interview from a gorgeous woman (about to turn 50 as she proudly states in the interview).

Robyn has helped thousands of individuals change their lives through a whole foods way of eating, that she says, does not have to be hard.

In fact, Robyn so believes in what she’s doing that she is offering you a 12 Steps to Whole Foods free course online.

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Inside Robyn’s Course - 12 Steps to Whole Foods - Your Will Discover
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• Make 12 Simple Shifts In One Year (For the Healthiest Year of Your Life)
• The 5 Best Tips For Eating Super Healthy, Super Cheap!

Robyn is a former professor, a bestselling author, motivator, and lover of tennis!

I have known Robyn for years, and simply had to have her on 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U!

Robyn attended my TNC training back in 2014 and left saying, “Karen, you are my hero!” And Karen feels the same way about Robyn and the work she’s doing to help so many people.

Robyn has inspired countless men, women, and children worldwide to sport the now famous green drink!

The Green Smoothie Girl is how most people know Robyn Openshaw.  

Of course after writing 15 books, she is more than just a woman who loves her blender!  She loves research, people, good foods, positive anything and sharing it with others.  

Her bestselling books are The Green Smoothies Diet and 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

Her latest book, 7 Days to Your High-Vibration Life, will be released by Simon & Schuster in October 2017 along with a documentary film called, Secrets of the High Vibration Life.

Robyn is a former psychotherapist, university professor, and has lectured in over 450 cities in the six years after launching her popular green smoothie website.  When not writing, you will find Robyn often on a set of skis up in the mountains or playing tennis competitively.

Robyn believes that everything is possible if you leverage the highest frequencies in the Universe.

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Karen Urbanek