Cellular JOY! Inside the Cells of U! 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

When you stop and think about the fact that we are a made up up of between 70 to 100 trillions of cells and that each cell has it’s own role in

  • Cleaning our entire bodies
  • Filtering all the food we eat
  • Biotransforming materials in our livers to usable agents
  • Breaking down proteins into amino acids
  • Breaking down sugars into simple sugars
  • Creating glucose to fuel our every move
  • Creating enzymes to act like catalysts (or buddies in times of need!)

And that’s not all.

Our cells are busy. Or cells are always on the go-go-go, doing amazing things for us, like allowing

  • Killer cells to fight infections
  • Nerve cells to conduct messages
  • Muscle cells to contracting to give us motion
  • Cells combining food and oxygen to give us heat and energy to think and move and live!

Wow, cells are totally important when you start looking at these lists. And again, that’s not all our cells are doing for us…

Epithelial cells let us cool down and sweat or soak up vitamin D (which we need for so much!)

At the same time our little cells are also busy reproducing themselves so when they are all worn out, they can die in peace knowing they have left a legacy - all those cell memories to kill viruses, bacterias and flukes!

Our cells pass their memory info onto their child cells!

Our cells communicate with each other and share vital information.

  • How to combat disease
  • How to recognize which bacterias are good guys and which are bad
  • Even what hormones to create when the body hears a voice, feels a feeling or smells a smell!

Our entire life is dependent on our little best friends: The Living, Breathing Cells Within!

Here’s the most important thing to know.

One healthy cell creates two healthy cells, and one sick cell divides into two sick cells.

I am so very passionate about CELLS and how very important it is to take care of them that in my book Live With Outrageous Energy! Thrive Without Fear, Sickness & Disease! I even created a mascot.

Please meet Cosmos. 


And his name is fitting.

Cells are everything to you and your body, thus, the name Cosmos - the universe in a single cell.

And that’s where my next guest for 28 Days to A Sexier More Joyful U! comes in.

Dr. Jeff Essen is hands down one of my favor people (as you will see in the video!) and an extremely special doctor.

He’s not only talented and totally focused on the cells that make up the human body (and thus affect human conditions, both good and bad), he’s able to break down the science into terms one can assimilate, even if you’re not a science geek - like the two of us.

Dr. Jeff Essen is by far one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the workings of the human cell and, more importantly, how the cells know, experience and can provide JOY to the entire body and systems within it!

If you’re not in the right head space, it’s hard to imagine possibly that cells detect JOY (and the opposite!), but they do and that can work for you or against you.

While Dr. Essen does say some pretty big words in this interview (which I make him repeat just for fun!), he also breaks the information down so you can start to understand just how the cell works.

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Here’s a little diagram on the actually inside of Cosmos, the Cell Baby, so you can reference back to some of the terms in this interview. I know some people are highly visual learners so this is for you!


Dr. Essen provides 4 Great Tips You Can Start Today to begin creating happy, healthy cells. Dive into his interview now to each of the four in detail.

Whole Foods - Get Dr. Essen’s List In the Video
Avoid Excitotoxins - Find out what this is inside! 
Exercise - if you move, cells must perform, and they will adjust (wow!)
Discover Your Level of Adrenal Fatigue and make adjustments accordingly

During the interview Dr. Essen referenced two things you can do today to get an idea of how well your body is currently working.

Check out the book Adrenal Fatigue by James Wilson





Take the Adrenal Fatigue Test for free after listen to Dr. Essen's interview to understand why this is important.

I have studied under Dr. Essen, has been on stage with Dr. Essen, and try to introduce as many people to him as I can.

Get ready for your mind to be blown away! Seriously. And you will see why in this interview.

Dr. Essen is brilliant, motivating, solid at explanations you can understand, and simply a really cool guy.

And not just because he lives in Minnesota, where the average temperature is far colder than our fridge!

He’s just cool because he loves his girls, loves his wife, loves his patients, and loves the human body…..every cell in it.

Come on inside 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! and learn more about the trillions of cells that allow you to do what you do each and every day with Dr. Jeff Essen.

If you enjoy his descriptions of how the body creates joy, creates energy, and creates fuel you may want to learn more about Dr. Essen’s Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Course (HHP). This is an amazing certification course that is coming online at AEIOU.world this spring.

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Side Note:
Quotes and images and the content at the start of this post is taken directly from Karen's AMAZING book Live With Outrageous Energy! Thrive Without Fear, Sickness & Disease! 

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