Breakfast! What to eat, When, Why, and WHAT'S IN THAT BOX! AUDIO!

Good Morning to Your Cells! 

Yes, it’s that wonderful time when we wake up, yawn, stretch, wiggle our toes, swing our legs and place our feet on the cool tile floor or sink into the thick carpeting, look at the mop on our heads, hoping no one comes to the door, and then we hear or feel it….

The low rumble in the tummy…. The body is waking up and asking...what’s for breakfast?

For my kids, it’s easy.

As they pop down the stairs, they find water, freshly made smoothie and a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast.

And those grain-free, incredible pancakes, which take center stage one day a week.

But for the rest of us, we all wonder what is the BEST thing to eat?  

What do we have time to make? 
Heavy or light? 
Fresh or cooked?  
Homemade or on-the-go because we are just too busy to do anything from scratch?

And these are great questions. Common questions… thus, the reason for this much demanded call topic!

First, we need to understand one thing.

Each of us has an amazing body which runs on 3 eight-hour cycles each day.  
These all-natural cycles are Elimination, Appropriation, and Assimilation.

From  4AM - 12PM  the body is in Elimination.
From 12PM - Sunset the body is in Appropriation.
From Sunset to 4AM the body is in Assimilation.

And around and around it goes! These cycles never-ever stop.

On this call we will discuss the first of the these three cycles which calls during, yep, you guessed it….breakfast time!

Your body runs on 3 eight-hour cycles per day.

Formally referred to as the Circadian Rhythms, and known for thousands of years via Ayurvedic teachings, it can allow you to be in your very best health to understanding and applying these body clock principles.

If you want to enjoying easy digestion, keeping weight from fluctuating, never experiencing fatigue and maximizing my metabolism then you will want to get on this call!

Join me this Thursday for a look at what is the best food to eat during breakfast time which falls during elimination.   

What you eat during these critical hours makes a huge difference on your day, your health, your weight and more!

Enjoy recipes, tips, tools, insight and a great time talking about the best meal of the day!



Karen Urbanek