BIOCIDES: What's Hiding In Your Food? AUDIO!

This is a fascinating call that you won't be able to pause. 

If you have no idea what meat glue is, like me, listen to this call.

If you ever wondered about the rising rates of health issues in our children and our elderly, press play now.

Karen is on a roll as she talks about the rise in autism and Alzheimer's rates along with the increased use of Biocides and toxins that are affecting our body on a nervous system level.

She goes into detail on exactly how Biocides work. This call is an 59 minutes of awesome, free education on exactly what is hiding in your food and why you must take action to learn more. 

This is about protecting your health and the health of your family. 

Knowledge is power. Wisdom is priceless.

This call will EMPOWER you.

That’s all Karen wants to do!

EMPOWER others….

Karen Urbanek