Enjoy Summer Deet and Suntan Lotion Free!

Our skin is AMAZING!

It acts like a raincoat so we don’t melt in rain, thanks to keratin, the outer layer. This layer protects our blood vessels, nerves, tissues, organs and glands. Big job!

Our skin wards of dis-ease from unwanted fungus, germs and bacterias. Plus, it is the ultimate temperature regulator by creating sweat to cool us down when we start to overheat.

This outer layer creates vitamin D, which is needed by 10% of our gene pool.

Our skin is like an incredible switchboard! It is always transferring information via the nerves in the skin!

Even our skin’s awesome ability to increase melanin production, which allows some of us to tan, is designed to protect us from harmful UV radiation!

So, how in the world can we feel good about lathering our largest organ, the skin, with chemicals such as deet, and toxic suntanning products, knowing that the skin is also a SPONGE!?

Guess what!? You don’t have to!

Our bodies were designed by Mother Nature to TAN! Even you redheads out there…!

And we have the how’s and why’s to make it possible without toxic products that are even found in many natural skin care products.

Skin care products that right now could be lining your shelves because you may be under the mistaken assumption that organic and healthy are equal!

With no regulations in America on skin care products, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. It’s time to discover the safe products and natural means to protect yourself from buzzing insects and UV rays, all while enjoying and caring for the largest organ with one of the most important jobs - OUR SKIN!


Karen Urbanek