Becoming The SEXY Husband Starts With One Decision. 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

Chad Anderson is a good, ol' American, boy-next-door guy you just want to know.

A handsome man, with his gorgeous wife, whom he met when they were in the 6th grade, and three beautiful children.

He’s in great shape, eats healthy and looks like he’s got it all going perfectly, as he’s running his own land surveying business, and life is good.

Life is great.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Chad grew up active, playing sports, swimming and probably chasing after his nine siblings!

Yep, I said nine! That makes Chad ten, although he was either the first or the second child. But not the point…

Chad took a desk job with an engineering firm out of high school and the stagnant lifestyle quickly added a few pounds around his waistline.

But even worse, it messed with his confidence.

The weight gain started to play heavily on his own notion of sexy and simply put, he didn’t feel it.

And looking at the handsome, thirty-three year old, you’d never know he’d struggled.

In fact, a friend came up to him recently and congratulated him on looking so good, but also adding “how it was great he had hours to spend at the gym.”

And that’s the ONE DECISION.

This friend, who was thickening around his gut, assumed Chad spent hours in the gym, but he was wrong. Chad shared with us in today’s 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! Interview that in fact he works out one hour a day, six days a week - just like he shared with his friend.

If we DECIDE being healthy takes too much time.

Well, then it will never happen.

If we DECIDE making good eating choices is too hard.

Well, then it will be.

If you aren’t yet in 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! series, you’ve not heard Jenna Soard speak on why she left her comfy home office, paid for office space a train ride away and a 1.5 mile walk, one way, from the train station.

Her reasoning, brilliant, like her. Built-in-to-day-exercise and meditation time.

The train ride to and from is her time. Her time to zone out, read, listen to podcast, unwind.

Her walk time is her transition time from work to home and it’s HEALTHY.

And it started with a CHOICE.

Jenna had to DECIDE it was better to NOT say at home, in her PJs working, where she could access the fridge 24/7 but instead get her butt up, put on a SEXY dress, get to the train, walk the 1.5 miles and work in an office surrounded by other entrepreneurs who were excited to be in the same space.

Two ordinary, everyday, gorgeous people making simple choices that ADD up to good health, more JOY and feeling SEXY.

You can find Jenna’s interview on Day 4 on 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U!.

Now back to SEXY hubby, Chad.

He and his wife made another DECISION, and this one was more time consuming... to educate themselves.

But they didn’t dive into a 5 day 24/7 retreat on how to eat health by living with some amazing woman who showed them how to cook, make smoothies, juices, spices and take the best care of their bodies! (Doesn’t that sound’s called a Super Life Stay With Karen and it’s brand new!)

Chad and his wife made simple changes in their diets. THEY PUT DOWN THE SUGAR COOKIE AND SODA FOR LUNCH!

Even without a Super Life Stay and an intense education, Karen style, putting down the cookie and the pop is something 99.9% of us can figure out would be a smart, simple change that can have results.

Chad saw results when he started to move his body.

Our bodies have muscle memory. Remember, we are meant for movement, not to sit stagnant all day long.

So if you are looking for something you could latch onto that would help you MOVE more, here’s an easy one. Stand up at your desk. Even though you aren’t physically moving in place, just by standing your body is ACTIVATED, muscles are moving and your cells will sing. Seriously.

In fact, if you use a laptop on a desk meant for sitting, you can do what Karen did.

She bought an inexpensive, cardboard desk-height-extender for her laptop to sit on and BAMB! She’s standing. You can get the one Karen has right here for $39. Or a great option is this slightly more stable stand-dest-extension for $99.

How much is your health worth?!

She feels better. She's activating her 70-100 Cells and engaging her muscles! Fun.

Becoming that SEXY version of yourself does take time, but it’s there within you, just like it was within Chad.

Joy and feeling sexy comes when we feel good, look good and exude confidence.

Decide today that you will go for a walk. Remember what Debbie Rosas slogan for NIA is [Day 14] - Movement Is Medicine.

Start there. Move.

A walk for 30 minutes, 6 times a week.

When that feels good and you feel the effects of allowing your mind to let go, increase it to one hour.

You can take ONE hour to walk or workout a day, six days a week.

Give up one TV show.



And it will allow you to be the best version of U!

Now go press play on this handsome, hubby-next-door interview and see just what’s possible when you decide to do something for your own health because you WANT to be an amazing spouse and present in your children’s lives… for a very long time.

Get inside 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! now.

Karen Urbanek