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Can you say EXCITEMENT!? Yippee!


We have resurrected the Karen’s Holistic Health website for you to access many of the awesome blogs, Super Tuesday News Recaps, products, consultations, LIVE Events, and Empowered Thursday Live Calls!
THEY WERE SO MUCH FUN!  Crammed with research and great info!
While we love the name, we’ve noticed some of our client list have not gotten our delightful emails, so we’re changing things up in a POSITIVE way! Deliverability is everything! We found that we needed to make it easier for you to get in touch…… so…

You’ll be hearing from me directly from  and from this email address.
Please hit reply and let me know you hear me virtually loud and clear! Tell me how you are doing. Share what is GREAT in your life today! I will respond… just may take a few days – or a week! 
As I’ve been hunkering down in my sunny, (very) warm desert office working on the edits for LIVE With Outrageous Energy  (I’m so so excited to share more with you) I’ve not put my focus into Super Tuesday News nor Empowered Thursday Live Calls.

See, I am growing personally too, and realized with the help of a friend that if I spread myself too thin, nothing gets accomplished toward the big goals I have set for this year.
My BIGGEST Goal: getting the TNC program online!  And man is it WORK!  
I am literally updating and re-writing dozens of graphs, charts, and several hundred pages of text, and shooting over 50 hours of NEW footage with doctors and professionals from all over the world…..FOR YOU! YAY!
So, the Super Tuesday News (TSN) will happen on Tuesdays once or twice a month, and will have great info and recipes as always.
If you missed the TSN on Aspartame, check it out HERE!  You will never look at sugar substitutes the same again! THIS was fun to research, and write.
Please check out and download the Empowered Thursday Call Archives over on Karen’s Holistic Health any time.
Enjoy our family’s new site and share with me what you think!
Have a blessed day...and make it full of JOY!!

98% DONE with the second edition of LIVE With Outrageous Energy: Thrive Without Fear, Sickness or Dis-ease! – sooooo excited!

P.S. is STILL AWESOME... and undergoing super exciting shifts so that the focus is our online classroom! Just wait until you see the amazing TNC program online and more. You may want to head over and jump on the Health Journey list so you're alerted as things happen! A dream come true!  Thank you LORD!  Really!  We have reached countless thousands with education in the last eight years, and now with the new system – watch out world!
(Well, I sure would not want to!)
Tonight, join Dr. Gibson as he hosts VAXXED - a free movie screening followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers. The event is being held at Dunford Auditorium Browning Building at Dixie State University. Seating is first come first serve with no holds. Film begins at 7 PM, with doors opening at 6:15. Join Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Gibson After the show for a night you will not forget!

TNC SNEAK PEEK! If you are interested in becoming a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor, you don’t want to miss this!  Come for three hours and get a sneak peek at what you will learn during the TNC in-house training sessions. Call our office at 262-339-4024 to register! The TNC course is being held in Sandy, Utah Thursday – Saturday 9-5PM.

Health Freedom Symposium! Two full days including a Special presentation on June 2nd, 7PM by Dr. Wakefield – creator of Autism Media Channel and co-author of VAXXED – the vaccination documentary leaving countries spell bound.  Also at the conference will be Dr. Suzanne Humphries – The incredible researcher and author on vaccinations, Marcella Piper-Terry – creator of and many more!

EMPOWERED LIVE!  Join us for the best day EVER! Held at Coppertree Wellness Studio – 9-5PM Learn MORE!  Family discount HERE!
EMPOWERED LIVE!  Join us for (another) best day EVER! Held at People’s Co-op  9-5PM Learn MORE!  Family discount HERE!
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