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Last week, each day was on building a kick-butt immune system, this week is on EMFs - cell phones, smart meters and routers, and next week I’m in the kitchen! HOW FUN IS THIS!?  Past weeks include diabetes, virility and fertility, and GUT MICROBES!

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THE PS is for those of you interested in a family update!  Everyone else  - respond with your kitchen questions, hit delete, and have a great week!

First off, a HUGE thank you to all of you who always ask about the family!  Isn’t it fun having watched them grow the last 9.5 years?

Can you believe it’s been that long since we first opened our doors in Wisconsin? I am blown away…...well…..here you go!

Jenna (28) is doing GREAT!  Happily living a life of photography, videos and skid steer driving? Yes, her man Kearney (not married…...YET) is a welder and has a busy business, so she is learning the ropes around his business and his ranch! She is still a madwoman in her raw kitchen, however, she shot the biggest buck any of the family members - including Kearney - has ever shot, and on her birthday of all days!  Anyone need meat? He was over 260 Lbs! 100% grass fed and free range!

Eric (26) is getting married NEXT WEEK to the luckiest and most adorable young lady ever! Our whole family is in love with Leticia and we are super glad she is in our family! Eric has one more year at university for his degrees in Physics with a focus on medicine. He remains the craziest and most adventurous young man I know! He is known to the nieces and nephews as FUNCLE - (Fun Uncle!) for a great reason! He is still unpredictable... he sent a trampoline to our doorstep this year! CRAZY and FUN!

Emily (26) and her hubby Pule are expecting their second child!  Now, I am not sure anything on earth can be as cute as Harmony - their first!  Those polynesians make the cutest babies ever!  Emily is very busy working on her degree in Physics and Computer Science. She is looking for an internship this summer if anyone knows of one in physics. Pule is father of the year by playing  mom full time during school to support Emily, so Harmony is at the gym often!  You should see her doing sit-ups and planks at 18 mts!

Roger II (26) finished his first term in the military playing with artillery and jumping out of airplanes in his airborne unit, and re-enrolled in medical schooling!  He will complete his training as a nurse in May.  He and his adorable wife Cortney and son Roger III (cutest blonde curly hair EVER) are living in Washington - where it rains and rains and rains….. They miss our desert, and we miss THEM! Cortney should have her own show on motherhood BTW - amazing how much she knows!

Belle (24) is busy at school as well!  She is hoping to move to Texas after the holidays and reenroll in college to finish a degree in Therapeutic Horse Training!  She is loving the Southern Utah life however, where the grass is still green and the temperatures always above 80!  I swear she is living in the sunniest city in Utah with the sunniest house mate!  Belle came back home after serving and loving the people in Oregon for a couple of years.  Her smile and silliness was missed!

Amy (23) is on her mission in Taiwan!  She is SOOOOO happy!  Funniest letter home included a picture of what a local family serving her dinner thought American spaghetti was…...it literally was a plate of noodles (that they special ordered), and then a thin white sauce with at least 15 different fish parts from at least 15 different fish!  Eye balls, tails, it was hilarious! They said tomato sauce looked disgusting…...If anyone wants to receive her emails just reply with what email to send them too!

Julia (20) just came back from a Sunny California Spanish Speaking mission and has no idea what to do next! She is riding our horses, running kids around, Country line dancing, and entertaining MANY possibilities for the future. Her papers are being submitted for her to spend next summer in Nauvoo, IL singing and dancing - so we shall see! Jenna is trying to get her to move in with her, so no idea just how long we can KEEP HER HOME!

RoseMarie (Sweet 16 as of Monday!) Is BUSY at school in almost every social club there is: DECA, Theatre, Spanish, Debate, FBLA, Writers Club, she made the Science Bowl and Science Olympiad Teams, and of course ...she’s part of the Star Wars Club! (in her spare time).  She successfully is handling many college credits during her junior year at school, and blowing others away in her college statistics class.  Just how does she do it?  RAW FOOD DIET = energy we guess……She sleeps and still reads in her spare time.

LillyMay (13) goes by May.  Yup - she nixed the “Lilly” and is known as May everywhere we go. She LOVES dancing and made it onto a great competitive dance team!  She’s stunning to watch!  Her years in cheer and tumbling sure paid off.  She sings in the choir at school, played softball during summer - even sporting a couple home runs, hangs out with friends probably too often, and we cherish everyday she is alive.

You see, last year at this time we didn’t know if she would be.

But she is.  And we have our Father in Heaven, herbs, and complete gratitude for muscle testing and Mother Nature to thank for that.  As after every conceivable test was done, often more than once, no one in the Western Medical world, nor the natural world, knew what was going on inside of her body.

We still don’t, but she is doing well!  And for her life we are SO THANKFUL this Thanksgiving time!

My two step daughters are ALSO doing great!  Allyssa is living with her two ADORABLE girls and her near perfect husband Andrew in CA and is expecting their third child (a boy), and is getting her masters in Teaching, and Taylor who already works two other jobs recently opened up a Dog Boarding Kennel with her husband Nick in Wisconsin!

There you have it! 

Our yearly update......

Peace - and enjoy TODAY!


PS: More on Lilly and what we found coming soon - we have so much to share with you. When the time is right we will share.  My emotions are still so tender, I can hardly go a day without tears of joy for her life!  We will be putting together a video documentary for you - and will include a special something at the end of what she is doing now! 

Karen Urbanek