10 Doctor Approved Steps To Look Younger And Feel More Joy! 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

Science is a wonderful thing.

Medicine is a wonderful thing.

What we have to realize and constantly remind ourselves of is that medicine is a practice. That means our doctors, just because they wear a white coat and have a degree, which they worked darn hard for, doesn’t mean they automatically have all the answers.

Some are great and they search for the answers.

Some medical professionals simply prescribe for whatever ails the person they are seeing.

Some are trained simply to look at the part of the body in which they specialize.

And while specializing in the heart, the brain, the foot, the blood is all well and good, and lifesaving in fact.

But, we also can’t forget that the human body is an amazing whole of 70-100 trillion cells, each with a function - job - to do.

The body is amazing.

The body has SO much power to heal.

The medical community as a whole has taken science to an amazing place and yet, like all things, there are flaws.

When a doctor is not given more than half a semester of nutritional knowledge throughout their entire years of study, one has to start to wonder…

I mean, if you are a car enthusiast, you know better than to put cheap oil in your sweet 1967 Shelby or your wife’s very important SUV that hauls around your children!

If you work with machinery, you know to clean and oil the parts to keep them in good working order.

Why wouldn’t it be the same for the human body?

Why would we, medical professions, anyone not comprehend and sing from the roof tops the fact that what you put in your body matters. The fact that lack of care, of the body, just like a piece of machinery or a car, allows for rust or dis-ease of our amazing bodies.

Kids should know this by the time they hit pre-school.

This should be as widely taught as our times tables and yet, sadly, it isn’t.

In fact, it’s not too often we find a medical doctor who “gets” the deep rooted connection between food and healthy enough to teach it to their clients..

Joy starts in the kitchen pot.

What you put into that kitchen pot controls the health of those in your home, the mood of your household and the happiness within your four, eight or ten walls!

Today’s guest is an honest-to-goodness medical doctor with degrees in Biology, from Harvard, her MD from University of Pennsylvania and a MBA from Wharton School of Business. She is a Merit Achievement and Radcliff National Scholar.

To say she's brilliant would be an understatement.

When she graduated medical school, she started her practice in Brooklyn, New York - not small - but by buying an entire city block. She wanted to give back, to help her community, through medicine and she did.

Her practice was successful but she was far from fulfilled because she saw patients not getting well, not healing and often times digressing or even dying.

As is her way, she dug her heels in, went back to her studies and new studies and found other options.

Natural options.

Life changing options.

In today’s video, Dr. Jennifer Daniels, who now resides in Panama, and left her practice in the States to fully dedicate her life and ability to help people heal through educating themselves and taking personal responsibility, she shares SEVEN ways you can begin the healing today.

Start Today, Feel More Joy Tomorrow, Look Five Years Younger in a Week!

It’s possible. Don’t believe me, watch the video and guess this woman’s age before she tells you...chances are you will be very very wrong.

Ten Steps To Start Feeling Better & Looking Younger Today


1. Water. Drink Lots of It.
When the skin is wrinkled or sagging, it’s due to dehydration.

Think of a prune or your skin after too long in a bathtub. This is the story a wrinkled or sagging face tells - one of dehydration. If you start to hydrate consistently and with high quality water (see number two) you will notice a difference in skin tone.

Rule of thumb is 1 quart of water for every 50 to 60 lbs of body weight. So if you weight 150 lbs, drink a minimum of 3 quarts of high-quality water per day.

Karen will add that starting your day with lemon water sets your pH level on a good path. And she’s a firm believer in getting at least 2 quarts of water in your body before 2PM.

This works wonders for skin and mood, seriously! 


2. Type of Water Matters.
Dr. Daniels says to only drink Distilled or Reverse Osmosis water and she’s very firm on this. What she does with her patient’s works wonders, so on this, I’d simply listen.

Try it out and see.


3. Smoking - Quit. Yep, that simple. That blunt. 
You know it kills, but are you aware it’s making your skin paper thin and aging you every time you take a drag?

Find help. Use a patch.

Do something for yourself and your loved ones around you who are also breathing in that smoke.


4. Alcohol - Give It Up. 
Maybe an occasional glass of wine, if that’s your thing, but if you want to look good, feel vibrant and have more energy, along with great health, alcohol will rob you of your youthful look AND leave you more sluggish.

Like everything, this is a choice. Try none for a month and see how you feel AND look… then decide.


5. Bed Time. Go To Bed By 8PM - Here’s why!
This is a BIG one.

Starting at 10PM until 2AM our bodies are in REPAIR MODE naturally.

Karen has an entire talk on this which we will share soon. Now here is the key, every hour your body has in sleep mode, it also has in REPAIR mode, meaning a resting body is a body able to repair.

Each hour before midnight equals two hours of healing.

That’s TWO HOURS for every hour of healing time for your body, your cells, your organs, YOU!

So, when you get to bed at 8PM, quick do the mental math! That’s right, you access 8 hours of REPAIR mode and who wouldn’t look amazing if with eight hours of nightly “self-spa” time during only four hours of sleep.

Now that doesn’t mean you get to walk up at midnight, after only 4 hours. No! Sleep a full night. Allow your body to rest, relax and do what it was naturally built to do - repair itself.


6. Get A Divorce. From Your Grocery Store!
The boxed, prepackaged, easy-to-prepare, industrialized food is literally poisoning our systems.

Listen to Karen’s Thursday Empowered Call from February 16th on BioCides; What Exactly in Your Food? to grasp a deeper understanding of why Dr. Daniels harsh language of "divorce" is really lifesaving advice.


7. Join a CSA.
Nope, it’s not a cult or a club!

CSA stands for Consumer Supported Agriculture and it’s where small farms come together and offer their produce in boxes. As a CSA member, one pays a yearly fee to their CSA and in return the farmer gets to invest in seeds and needed materials for his/her all-natural, all-organic, yummy, local farm produce. 

Each week or bi-weekly, in season, you get a box full of that local farmer’s fresh produce and this is what you eat. 

Bye-Bye, grocery. Hello, local.

8. Eat Local Produce Only.
Inside today’s video, Dr. Daniels goes into detail about why it’s so important to eat local produce only and how doing so can lessen symptoms like seasonal depression or depression in general. 

This is a powerful take on something you could implement immediately in your life.

Press play on this video (register now) to understand why eating tropical fruits in the dead of a winter storm could be adding to your cabin fever and need to head south to some tropical island. It’s fascinating!


9. Move.
We’ve mentioned movement a bunch during 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U and while Dr Daniels doesn’t focus on this, we know it’s vital to feeling good, elevating moods and changing one’s outlook. Plus, it does a body good.

Check out how Jenna [Day 4] incorporates movement naturally into her workday, how Debbie Rosas founded an entire movement called Nia which is the fundamental belief that Movement Is Medicine on Day 14 and why Will a CrossFit owner simply says you need to start NOW on Day 6.

And if you think he’s too “fit” to know where you are and perhaps how much your body currently aches, you can always check out Chad’s story on Day 15, an average guy who gained weight after taking a desk job and what he did to return to sexy (and happy)!


10. Take Responsibility For Your Health. Good or bad.
This one is the hardest and most important, Dr. Daniels said, if you want to regain your health, say adios to your dis-ease and re-enter your life - happier and healthier. She says it’s entirely possible and it starts with taking responsibility.

Press play on this amazing interview with this brilliant woman, who does not look a day over 35 and you’ll be shocked to know that’s not even close to her biological age…

You deserve to be healthy.

You can be healthy.

Today is your day to reclaim great healthy and the JOY you were put on this earth to experience.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Jennifer Daniels, you can find here on her website at drjenniferdaniels.com or pick up a copy of her book Do You Have The Guts To Be Beautiful? 

Karen Urbanek