7 Steps To Beautiful Body Beautiful SOUL. 28 DAYS SERIES - WOW!

Some people like lists which is why today we bring you 7 Ways to a Beautiful Body and a Beautiful Soul.

What’s the point of having a strong, healthy body if you’re not happy, right?

And that’s where the SOUL comes in.

The reasoning behind putting together this amazing 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! series, has been to provide our readers with interesting people from all walks of life; knowledge from a wide variety of methodologies and practices; and actionable steps you can take today to become an even sexier more joyful version of your current self.

And we’ve done a pretty darn good job, says the testimonials and thank you emails that pour in daily!

Not Inside? You’re Missing A Great Time.
Come On In Now

So today, while we’re talking about a list for the physical body and steps you can take to rock it out, we also want to pause and focus on the flip side - the soul side of beauty.

See, just like Dr. Ned shared in [Day 18] if you’re inside is blocked up and been abused for years (colon) then it really doesn’t matter how lovely your physical, outside body looks as it simply isn’t sustainable.

So, let’s dive into today’s list of 7 Ways to a Beautiful Body and a Beautiful Soul.

Set aside time for yourself.

This can five minutes in a comfy chair with your eyes closed, a bubble bath three times a week where you lock yourself away or incorporated with number two.

Move. You. Must. Move. Your. Body. to feel better. Period.

Go for a walk and take you time or take a brisk walk with a friend. Build up your pace and stamina but moving your body doesn’t have to be building out a home gym right now.

Water. Drink it. Good water, never tap water.

You need at least 2L+ a day and if you’re like our AEIOU team, you’re jugging down two or three quarts before 2PM and then you keep going for more.

Water will help you feel better because you are hydrating your entire being and allowing a way OUT for toxins. Start today.

Stretch throughout the day. Yep, more movement, but this is gentle yet powerful.

Raise your arms up over your head and reach for the sky every few hours. Bend from side to side. Put your right foot in and then you right foot out...feel like a kid yet?! Good! Be a kid every few hours and reach high, then bend at the waist and reach low.

Allow the blood to flow, allow your arms to hang, rag-doll-style and let the tension drip from your being so your SOUL can be at ease with your body.

Encircle yourself with a few like-minded people. If your friends right now all meet for coffee, you need to add to your circle or encourage one of them to join you in a movement meeting.

Drink water and a green drink each day.

This can be a smoothie (no added sugar please) or a juice, just get those nutrients in with a friend.

Talk and share and destress together. We are beings who need social interaction, so find a healthy community. Your SOUL needs to be aligned with those who nurture you on a path of heath, if that is your path.


Our bodies were made to sweat and perspiration is actually a way to clean the pores, revitalize the skin and make you look younger. You can do this through a steam bath, a sauna or a good workout.

Karen’s new favorite is Debbie Rosa’s NIA [Day 14] which is a fusion of martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. It’s no joke, but perfect for anyone at any level as it’s all about connecting the physical with the spiritual you and doing what feels best in the moment.

Smile. Laugh. Love.

Without these three, there is no beautiful SOUL. Without these three your inner beauty can not shine and provide you with a beautiful body.

Remember, having a beautiful body is not about being a supermodel or a bikini ready body, it’s about being comfortable and happy in your own skin.

It’s about being healthy and loving yourself.

It’s about knowing your value.

It’s about understanding that taking time for YOU is not supposed to come last on the list, but is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself and those around you.

Our next guest in 28 Days To A Sexier More Joyful U! series knows this first hand and has set up her life to allow her to be her very best self. Now, while she is a model and she is about to enter her first Bikini Fitness Competition, she wasn’t always this way - inside nor out.

In high school, this active, athletic teenager lost her way when she wasn’t picked for the varsity team.

She hadn’t realized the court or the field was where she worked out her problems and stress until suddenly she didn't have access.

She fell into depression, was mad all the time, felt confused and gained 30 lbs.

Her grades dropped, her GPA fell and her confidence hit a wall. Things got so bad for her she left that high school, enrolled in another one, and she quickly got back on a team. (Listen to her morning routine, as a TEENAGE, in this interview, for massive inspiration!)

She saw immediately the difference in her SOUL that playing a sport had for her. Her anger melted away, her depression left and she no longer felt confused. She quickly dropped the weight but more importantly, she found a place socially, understood her body’s physical needs and got insight on a spiritual level of what motivated her toward happy.

And she was still in high school with this discovery.

Well, now you just have to press play on this amazing interview with Michelle Roxy Davis, a talented, down-to-earth, gorgeous (in and out) woman of numerous talents and a heart of gold.

In this interview, Roxy gives a few great pointers while also showing you her own gym and what’s made a difference her.

Three of many tips she gives inside are to:

  1. Change up your eating with new recipes and great spices (beware of store-bought spices), meal plan, sit down to eat and enjoy each bite.
  2. For one week, don’t eat out at restaurants. See how you feel.
  3. Drink more water this week. See how you feel.

Head on inside 28 Days now and watch this great sit down with Roxy and Karen. You can register right here

And if you want to try some recipes, Karen is offering a special right now on her amazing cookbook, Living In Rawality A Recipe Book For the Living & the Dead (Food That Is).

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