The Drama Cycle Expalined!

Create Your Shift: Jump out of the Paralyzing Drama Cycle!

Recently, I taught a class on forgiveness. It was well attended by both men and women. It was an honor to be with this large group of people, teaching one of my favorite subjects. I have taught this forgiveness class before, but this specific time- something really neat happened.  

Before presenting any class, I review my notes on the given subject.  That evening, in my forgiveness binder, an old worksheet on emotions stood out.

I studied it, revamped it and used it during my presentation. The results were life altering and many ah-ha moments happened. 

Imagine a circle. This is the circle of life.  

This circle continues and can represent your life, your day, the year, the month, etc.  

During the cycle, both positive and negative things will happen. When anything negative happens, we have two choices.  If you were to draw this circle, and at the 3 o’clock position draw a line, that could represent when something happened, it creates a break in the circle. Maybe a friend dies, you hit an animal, a parent enters the hospital, or you nearly are in an accident.  

At that moment, we need to choose from two options. 

Let me give you and example from my life. You are in Las Vegas and a driver in front of you slams their breaks on (to avoid hitting a dog), and then you slam your breaks on and in return get whip lash.  You can now shift into a position of forgiveness and understand that there must be have been a reason the person slammed their breaks, be glad that everyone is safe, that you will get to where you are going on time, and be grateful for a good chiropractor who takes care of you.

Option ONE – Create a Shift– forgiving the person/s that created a break in your circle will brings you right back into the swing of things, and the break in the circle is erased. Life goes joyfully on.

Option TWO  - Jump into Drama  – “That crazy person!  Now I have whiplash!  I needed to get to my speaking engagement!  I’m in pain!  He just drove off – that irresponsible driver.  Thank goodness Jenna, who was driving, was so attentive and stopped before hitting him! This is just my luck!”

In the drama stage there is a villain, victim, and hero.

The victim is usually you. You are hurt, you are in pain, it wasn’t fair, you lost the money, you can’t see the kids, etc.  

The villain can be the boss, your coach, the teacher, x-spouse, co-worker, church leader, the crazy driver in Las Vegas, etc.  

Finally, there is the hero, the one who saves the day.  The friend that listens, the parent that makes a nasty phone call to set things straight, the person who hates your boss as much as you do, Jenna the great driver who saved our lives, etc.

Once you enter this cycle (and you can be there for days, weeks, months, or decades) you continue to repeat the drama.  I’ve personally known people who stay in the drama cycle for over 65 years, constantly blaming others., and always telling the story….over and over and over….. 

True peace and forgiveness comes when we exit the drama cycle and create a shift instead. 

We stop blaming, we stop persecuting, we stop retelling the story over and over to others andin our own mind, and we shift.  

We then can enter back into the circle of life with our hearts healed, and out of drama story.  

A life free of drama is a life worth waking up to each day!

In my personal life, I have committed to shifting anytime something happens. It isn’t always easy, as it is easy to blame others, but I find the faster I shift, the faster I am back full force at living LIFE!

Shift – it’s worth the effort to your spirit, and all those cells who depend on you for positive energy!


The Cell Shifter!

Enjoy my video: The Drama Cycle!

Karen Urbanek