The American Dream, Belief or Faith: The Secret

A few years ago I did a financial report on all the years we had been raising children for a family night. I wanted our children to know how much money it takes to raise a family.

We were raising ten children, so I knew the numbers would be big….but wow, was I surprised.

We maintain VERY tight books, as a matter of fact I can tell you where every penny we have ever made has gone (give or take a few.) I ran reports for 2000 – 2009 when we held the family night. I remember thinking to myself “this is so much money!

Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars! Where did this money come from?” The funny thing is, I still don’t know where it all came from! It obviously came, but heavens windows were open. We had lawyers to pay, buildings to renovate and make usable….

We each have our stories right?

But this is going somewhere.

I moved to this old Catholic property, consisting of an old school, church and rectory just weeks before Christmas in 1999 with one bed, five children and $40.00. Roger and his three children came into our lives the next year.

Although the project looked hauntingly HUGE, together we took on these three old buildings and a large family – but we had a vision. We learned to trust in God, the Universe, more than in our own arm. Believing without first seeing or understanding – this is The Secret: You need a Vision.

Our forefathers used this Secret – Faith, in order to build The American Dream for their families. They heard of America, and although thousands died getting here, and even died on this soil before things pulled together, each soul who came had a vision for their families, their lineage.

So what is your vision? Do you use The Secret? Do you exercise this Faith?

I feel very driven to share with you how to do this. Forgive me if I am stepping out of my bounds, but this has everything with frequency – and you all know my saying: It’s a Cell Thing! – now about that belief….

“The Secret to Having it all is Believing You Already Do.”

“The Future Belongs to Those who Believe in the Beauty of Their Dreams.”

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”

These are three sayings I have around my home – and they are each true. May I encourage you to put doubt out of your mind, and leave it there. I try so hard to not allow myself to doubt.

Who’s arm do I trust more, mine or The Almighty? The Universe?

A friend of mine is going through some really big challenges, at one point I simply said to her “stop worrying about money! I think the God of the entire world, in charge of the entire UNIVERSE can deliver a few thousand dollars – but you need to see it, believe it, ask for it, You Need Vision.”

Guess what – she stopped worrying, and everything is working beautifully. She changed her vibration.

What you put out returns. It’s what frequency does! Each atom gives off and attracts a frequency. That’s how radios work, phones, the whole darn world works this way – including YOU and YOUR CELLS!

If you want to attract something, you need to believe you already have it, or it is coming, soon. This changes “your tune” and your frequency.

Now, I want to tell you that when you make the decision to trust in something this much – you need to believe that what comes is for you, a true answer to your vision, thoughts and prayers.

Here is how it works. I challenged you in my last letter to wake, up and believe that everything that happened that day came from God – or, it was supposed to happen. And then thank the world for your experiences, that day.

Well, this is about the same thing. Create a vision. Make a vision board. See yourself in the new car, in, your new home, with children, with the money you need, helping others, having a great employment environment, having that degree or letters after, your name, planting the garden you always wanted, whatever your vision is:, document it.

Then, live as though you have it! Believe you will achieve, these things, as farfetched as they may seem now, believe you can, have/achieve it and you will, period. This is faith, The Secret, and what makes The American Dream happen.

Vision it, Ask for it, Wait for it, Give Thanks for it! I will share with you one last example, because it’s cool, and just happened. We went from five cars to one car in the last year. We realize we need another, car, and especially with us moving our business in Wisconsin to another, city. So, I started visioning the car I wanted.

Renting cars every time I travel has been good. I knew I wanted a Honda, I knew I wanted to feel great when I sat in the car, for it to have great gas mileage, etc. Bells and whistles didn’t matter much, but as we travel a bit, we needed something that could keep up with us.

While in Utah, I had a six hour block that was not filed with meetings, interviews or presentations. I asked God if there was a car close that was perfect for our family, and if there was, I asked that it be placed directly in my path because I simply did not have time to deal with more car shopping. I had been test driving other vehicles in WI, so I knew what I liked and didn’t like, but now we needed a car.

We drove towards Salt Lake City. A young man who was from Wisconsin sold Hondas, and we loved him. The snow started, then the blizzard came. Cars left and right were all over the expressway. We pressed on the few more miles and pulled into the Honda dealership. Within 30 minutes I was test driving in the blizzard (much to the salesmen’s dismay and fright), the car we now have in Wisconsin.

As I sat at the desk waiting while they finished paperwork I thought “is this it? Was it really this easy" and I remembered what I asked for that morning. I asked the Lord to put the perfect car right in our path. This car was right in my path. I had no doubt, and still do not doubt at all, this car was for us.

Jenna and I drove back to Draper, loaded it jam packed full of extra product, equipment and supplies we didn’t need in Draper any more, and I drove straight home to Wisconsin. Funny thing is: We have used both cars all day every day since I came home.

There is no way we could have done what we have done in our new building, picking up children, running errands, with our one car. Amazing right? It’s just how things are done!

Vision it, believe it! It ALWAYS happens this way – it only fails to happen when we stop believing in our vision, and start thinking and relying on our own rationalization and arm, instead of believing we can achieve. It didn’t make any sense to me, but in 1999 when I walked though the three buildings in WI, I had visions of what could happen to support my small family, I saw a wedding center in the old church on the property.

When we walked into the building we now have in Draper – I envisioned each room. When we walked through the new store in Wisconsin – I envisioned us there. When I wanted a car, I envisioned the one we now have, it felt perfect.

Imagine what would happen in America if we all had a positive vision for the nation.

Imagine what will happen in your own home when you pull your family together and have a family night doing vision boards.

You CAN create your own future – you just need Vision and Faith to create the American Dream! Go for it!



Karen Urbanek