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Health Coach Program...
The TNC Certification
Is A Life Changing Event!

Change Lives. Start With Yours

Becoming a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor (TNC) is more than just obtaining education you will use the rest of your life, it becomes your PASSION!


Discover why...  


  • 115 Modalities of Natural Healing You can Use
  • Diets from Around the World
  • Dangers and Dis-eases From ElectroMagnetic Frequencies 
  • Transients and Stray Electricity - "Running Wild in Your Home and Office Walls"
  • Energy Medicine & Quantum Physics
  • Hormone Balancing and Imbalances
  • Neurotransmitters: What Makes You Tick
  • Quality of Water
  • Heavy Metals & Toxins
  • Many Detox Modalities
  • Individual Anatomy & Organ Functions
  • Cancer & Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Weight Loss: What Works and Why
  • Supplementation: Minerals, Herbs, Proteins, Vitamins, & Spices
  • Superfoods & Longevity
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Numerous Class Outlines and Handouts for YOU to Use While Teaching



It is our goal to have the student understand the following techniques well enough to recommend an appropriate therapeutic course of action for their clients. Presentations on Natural Therapies will be offered, including discussions and/or hands-on work including, but not limited to the following:

Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils, Art Therapy, Atlas Orthogonal, Auriculotherapy, Autogenic Training, Ayurvedic Medicine, B.E.S.T., Biofeedback Technology, Breathwork, Brain Balance, Cell Salt Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Chelation, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Chromotherapy/Color Therapy, Colonic Irrigation/Colonics/Hydrotherapy, Craniosacral/Cranial Osteopathy, Cupping/Medi-cupping, Dance/Movement Therapy, Dentistry-Holistic/Biological, Dowsing/Divining, Ear Candling/Coning, Emotion Code, EDMR, Fasting, Feng Shui, Flower Essences, Foot Zoning, Gemstone Therapy, Gratitude, Healing Touch, Herbs/Herbalism, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Ionic Foot Bath Detoxing, Iridology, Karma/Karma Clearing, Kinesiology, Lymphatic Drainage, Magnetotherapy, Massage, Meditation, Medicinal Mushroom Therapy, Personal Training, Psych-K, Radionics, Reflexology, Reiki, Rife Machine, Rolfing, Self-Affirmation, Shiatsu, Sound Therapy, Space Clearing, Sun Therapy – Vitamin D, Sweat! Sauna It Out!, Tachyon Energy, Tapping/The Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT, Thermotherapy–The Biomat, Tibetan Medicine, Tuning Forks, Vaccination, Vision Board, Water, Yoga, and many many more.


The numerous pros and cons of each diet will be discussed in a fair and unbiased manner. The nutritional science, health aspects, and how foods interact, including Superfoods, with the body’s system will be covered in detail.

Food preparation techniques such as dehydrating, fermentation, sprouting, juicing, blending, proper meat preparation, raw food prep and others will be taught.

Students will learn of a wide variety of eating patterns and diets practiced around the world such as:

FODMAP, SIBO, 80-10-10, The Atkins Diet, Agriculturist Diet, Asian Diet, Ayurveda, Biggest Loser Diet, Blood Type Diet, Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, Chinese Nutritional Theory Diet, Dash Diet, Elimination Diet, Feingold Diet For ADD, Fruitarian, HCG Diet, Hunter-Gatherer Diet, Jenny Craig Diet, Kosher, The Liver Cleansing And Healthy Liver And Bowel Diets, Macrobiotic Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Ornish Diet, Paleo Diet, Protein Metabolic Typing Diet, The Protein Power Lifeplan Diet, Rave Diet, Raw/Living Food Diet, South Beach Diet, Standard American Diet (Sad), Susan Powers’ Stop The Insanity Diet, TLC Diet, Vegan/Vegetarian Diet, Volumetrics Diet, Weight Watchers, Weston Price Diet, Syndrome X By Dr. Cabot, The X Factor Diet, The Zone Diet, and others.


Whole food vitamins, isolates, and synthetic forms of vitamins will be reviewed. Minerals and their sources will be revealed (you may be surprised), and you will learn what to look for and will better understand supplementation for you and your clients. We will also cover reading labels on food and supplements, so you know what is being ingested. Numerous graphs and charts (minerals, proteins, herbs, vitamins, and spices) will be reviewed and are part of the TNC reference binder you will receive during the classroom training.


The frequencies of food, color, light, people, words and plants have a huge impact on our lives each day. We will discuss the power of these frequencies, and how you can use them to alter cells and life! Cancer and all chronic dis-ease are based in low frequencies.

Presentations on frequencies will be given with handouts that will help you teach this to your clients. All vibrant health is derived from higher frequencies. Discover how to raise your frequency and those around you!


Distilled, osmosis, filtered, alkaline, spring, well, and city water; understanding water can be overwhelming! We will explain all forms of water, what the health aspects are of drinking different waters, and how water is vital for the electrical circuits of the body. Can water carry frequency? Yes! We will teach you how to enhance your water and fill it with healing frequencies.


During this segment of the course, we will cover many well-known and new forms of detoxification including but not limited to: Colonics, enemas, heavy metal, lower bowel, skin, saunas, massage, infrared, emotional, cellular, tooth, environmental and household detox! Detoxification is our favorite topic to teach, and using the numerous natural therapies and food, each cell in your body can be “reborn” creating a new you!

As detoxification can bring side effects, the importance of safe detoxing is of utmost importance. We will educate you on what signs to watch for and how to ease the discomfort that may come to your clients during the stages of detoxification. With proper information, the symptoms and discomfort can be very minimal, creating a successful outcome.


1) CREATE a “Shift” in your nation’s health. 
In every country, citizens need to take charge of their health and the health of individuals closest to them. As a TNC, you will educate others in numerous ways helping them to transform their lives!

2) SUPPORT your natural instinct, the reason you started the TNC course, and mesh it into a new or existing career opportunity. Millions go to work every day and are unhappy with their position. As a TNC, you can start a new career or enhance the position you are already in! Your family and friends will see and appreciate the new you and what you can offer.

3) GROW your personal development with a passion for HEALTH.  By learning new therapeutic skills through the TNC certification, you will create opportunities to teach others the alternate route to vibrant health!

4) REALIZE that you don’t have to be a doctor or dietitian to teach others about diet, natural health or frequency!   As a TNC, you will not only educate family, friends and co-workers, but TNC’s around the world have educated and made SIGNIFICANT changes in hospitals, schools, and have started reformations in many colleges!  People yearn to understand the effects of food on every AMAZING cell in the body.

5) SHOW others the “WHO” in you! When other people see you as a vibrant, healthy, energetic person, they will want to know the WHY! And the HOW! ! As a TNC, you can get paid to help other achieve their health goals by personalizing a diet and health regiment to fit their lifestyle.

6) KNOW that this is the only Nutritional Counselor certification that incorporates 115+ health modalities with detoxification, treating ailments and diets from around the world! As a TNC, your skill set will be beyond other health coach programs. You will learn these popular therapeutic training techniques during the hours of video training and the concluding classroom training program. No other course, program or degree comes close to this curriculum!


The TNC Certification was created to be flexible so students can learn at their own pace. Complete the program in as little as three months OR as long as it takes! REGISTER TODAY and enjoy a life of natural health for you and your clients!

Step 1 – Read 10 specially selected text books that are interesting and informative.  

Step 2 – Watch 40+ hours of video from some of the world’s top natural health professionals and doctors! You will learn the most popular therapeutic skills during these training videos.

Step 3 – Attend the classroom training.! Stay on-site or off-site and immerse yourself in a training program that will change your life and the lives of others!

Step 4 - Final Exam.  Don’t let that scare you! The final exam can take you just hours or a full week.  This exam is unlike any other - you get full access to the books you have read, and the internet!   

This is NOT your typical Health Coaching Program - IT IS SO MUCH MORE! 

You will KNOW what to do with the material you learn in our TNC program so that you can Change Lives. Starting Wtih Yours. 

You will come away from TNC with a deep understanding of how the human body functions - medically and energenically. 

You will have more than 100 natural modalities that you yourself will KNOW how to APPLY to help yourself, your family and your clients. 

As a TNC, you will have a life-changing opportunity, based in both healing arts and science, to help change the world and the health of those around you.

TNCs are powerful and have the ability to create lasting change in the lives of their clients simply because of their knowledge base, hands-on discover and business training.  The TNC program is truly a Health Coach Program Gone CRAZY!


  • 3 Day Classroom Training with Karen Urbanek!  Many TNC’s repeat this 3-day class numerous times. 
  • Book List of Suggested and Required Reading
  • Education Binder with Hundreds of Pages of Charts, Handouts, and Studies for you to use with your clients. The Binders’ Sections Include: Detailed Mineral and Vitamin Charts, Detoxification, How the Body Works, Modalities of Natural Healing, Diets From Around The World, over 60 Class Handouts, PowerPoints and Outlines, Electromagnetic Frequencies, and Emergency Preparedness Information.
  • Forty+ Hours of Videos/Audios featuring Many Natural Modalities of Healing for your Reference.
  • Testing Charts You May Use in Your Practice
  • Continuing Education via New Videos from Karen Urbanek & Associated Doctors.
  • Ability to Teach Classes and Sell Products
  • Wholesaling Products
  • Recognized & Certified by the Association of Natural Health (
  • Business Development Training
  • PowerPoints to Use for Your Presentations
  • Ability to Become a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, HHP
  • Ability to Become a Naturopathic Doctor, ND
  • Plus, the Ability to Become an Ambassator of our TNC Program
    and share the course with others while earning an affiliate commission







CREATE “The Shift” in our nation’s health by teaching classes in

  • hospitals
  • educational centers
  • private businesses
  • private clients homes
  • building your network of clients and professionals!  

FEEL CONFIDENT in your understanding of each aspect of natural health!

CONSULT with clients on a wide range of natural therapies and help them find those that suit them best on their road to natural healing!

Register Today for TNC Certification. 
Change Lives. Staring With Yours. 

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