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About Karen Urbanek

Compassionate. Fun. Outrageous. Sassy.

Karen's Story

I was very young when I started having seizures. The earliest one I remember was in grade school on the bus ride home.

I didn’t know what was happening to me.

I told my mother about how my face would shake but as it didn't happen in her presence for years upon years, she took little stock in was she naturally thought of as a child's complaint.

These "hidden" seizures went on for years.

I would have a seizure, drool all over and not be able to talk for minutes at a time. There were times I'd be in class, have a seizure and be unable to speak.

My way of dealing with this scary condition was to hide out in the bathroom until the episode passed. That is if I could get to the bathroom and a hiding spot in time. I wasn't always so lucky.

Finally, one day when I was 12 years old, I had a seizure at home with my mother.I remember it clear as day.

My father was out when the seizure started, I went downstairs to show my mother what was happening. Needless to say, we went to the hospital immediately!  

After testing by doctors, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I was put on medications. Of course there were side-effects to the medications.

But the embarrassment factor was often worse. I literally had to carry a bell with me and ring it when I started to have a seizure.

Quite fun at the sleepover! Or on a date!

I got married in my early twenties and became pregnant with our first daughter, Jenna, a couple months later. I knew immediately that I did not want to be on all the medication and have it running through her veins. So started to read, study and try new things.

I began to use food and different vitamins as a way to reduce seizures and get off of medication.

What I know now 28 years later, is that I was GABA deficient. I look back at the foods and vitamins I took, and they were loaded with GABA, which is what my body was craving.

I also know now, after decades of study in the natural health world, that receptor sites on the cells’ membrane can be triggered one of two ways, by a molecule or an electromagnetic frequency.

I simply found, 28 years ago, a new way of triggering cell receptor sites in the synapse to avoid seizures. And I have been medication free ever since!

A New Focus

As we started raising our children, I found that most doctors' answer to everything was a medication.

That is when I started grinding my own wheat and baking my own bread, using grains, herbs and homeopathy.

I learned anything and everything I could get my hands on.

I started teaching others what I was learning. At one point, during a very large cooking class, the students wanted to know where to purchase all the product I was using.  

I had to explain that I purchased product from an Amish store two hours one direction, other products from Chicago, and other products at miscellaneous stores around Wisconsin. Someone commented enthusiastically, “You should really just open up a store, Karen!”

And that is exactly what we did!

Our family opened our store in a small town of 100 people in the middle of a farm field in an old Catholic school building we owned.

Our opening day was amazing! 

We had people come from many of the surrounding counties, and trust me – we were the ONLY store in Nenno! Just country roads and cows all the way to our doorstep! We sold thousands of dollars of product a week from our little organic natural store on Highway 175 in Nenno, Wisconsin.

For many years, our doors were open in this quaint location. People would come to our classes and our store from hundreds of miles away. Every day we had people come searching for clean local foods, organic produce, non GMO items (we became the first 100 % non-GMO store we knew of in the Midwest).

We promoted better health, and an understanding of how the human body worked. We helped tens of thousands of people from that small location.

Our amazing children, ten in total, and at any given time eight would come home from school and unload trucks and stock the store shelves every day. And that was an education for them!

We had an organic café on the property (ZiuZu’s Organic Café) in the lower level of the church building, and it was open six days a week. Our girls would waitress and we would do dishes until all hours of the night. We loved every minute of it! Yes, even though our children often claim we broke every child labor law there ever was!

We held educational classes on site and people loved them! Our classes were packed almost every time we offered one.

I personally continued to research and gain as much education as I possibly could on a daily basis. I learned many natural remedies, and natural modalities for healing.

We opened a Wellness Center on the second floor of the school building. We offered thermal imaging, lymphatic decongestion, nutritional counseling, bio photonic work, biofeedback, Thermotherapy, and so much more!  

We opened a second location in Draper, Utah, and offered much of what we did in Wisconsin. Later we moved our Wisconsin location to a larger city, and it was a wild ride!

At this time, I started writing the curriculum for the Therapeutic Nutritional Counseling course.

Every time I spoke, no matter where I was, people asked where they could learn what I knew. I spoke at colleges all over Wisconsin, Idaho, and Utah. I lectured for countless business lunches,, government buildings, and out of our own store locations, as well as in other clinics.  

People were very eager and receptive and very excited to learn natural ways to resolve their health concerns.

I also wrote LIVE With Outrageous Energy over 8 years, and gathered 25 years of recipes for Living in Rawality: A Cookbook For The Living and The Dead.

It has been a tremendous blessing to watch so many lives regain vitality and great health. You can pretty much name almost anything and we’ve seen it reverse naturally. Our family joked that I spoke almost daily about bowels and sex, as both of them don’t work as they should.

I think the best thing and the most exciting thing that I’ve learned and come to appreciate is the natural modalities of healing I have been exposed to over the last 20 years.

In teaching the TNC course, I now teach 107 natural modalities of healing.

These are all natural modalities that can help during a time of health issues or stress. During my consultations I often referred to the modalities I teach during in this course. It has been amazing to see large changes in people’s health from just using a few of the modalities!

I have done personal consultations for people across this country.  It has been an amazing and enlightening experience. It is amazing to see what so many people go through and yet, with a little help and education, can begin again to live life full of joy and hope!  

This leads me to believe some of the very first things we should look at when hoping to change someone’s health is the food we eat, The air we breathe, The electromagnetic frequencies we are exposed to including Wi-Fi, and most importantly, the attitude of those we surround ourselves with.  

Every symptom has a cause, And symptoms are just the bodies way of saying “Hey look at me! I need attention! “

There is surely an art in finding the cause, but a cause is always present and waiting to be discovered.

My inner me rejoices when people discover truths that can help them spiritually, physically, or emotionally.

Sure, I’m a mother, a wife, and a daughter but I’m still Karen Ziemer (maiden name).  

Karen Ziemer - ME - loves LOUD music, dancing, laughing, smiling and making joy. And all things HEALTH! I love taking time to help others and can't wait to help you on your personal or professional journey!